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DannyYu pointed out that the first application of LED lighting users should be business users, business users lighting for a long time, taking into account the post-energy conservation and accept the will of LED light intensity than the home user, “There is a business with rapid promotion of slower home . “

 Focus on the future development of LED lights is the quality that only excellent quality products to win consumer acceptance and the market flooded with low-quality LED lamps, the manufacturers product quality parameters times uneven, very chaotic, the market need of high-quality products and standards. “We expect there will be one to two years, a number of high-quality LED light appeared.”

 Phosphor converted LED is still the mainstream

 Use color LED is unable to enter the general lighting market, because they can not send white light. In order to get the general white lighting, a particular spectrum must be transformed into white light or multiple spectral mixture into white light. The white LED current mainly two methods: 1) Phosphor Technology; 2) a variety of color mixing. Of course, there are now also applied the phosphors and multi-color mixing technology white LED.

 “At present phosphor converted white LED technology is the mainstream technology,” the industry’s most manufacturers have adopted this technology.

 Philips Lumileds phosphor technology can not only convert the white light, can change the yellow light, PhilipsLumileds has introduced a strong LUXEONRebel practical phosphor conversion amber (PCAmber) New LUXEONRebel consistent color stability and light output of the performance standards The amber LED light output is typically 2 to 5 times, greatly reducing the lumen and color drift. When the drive current of 350mA when, LUXEONRebelPC amber LED, the average luminous flux up to 70lm.

 “Attenuation using phosphor conversion and low cost, and our product as the temperature increased, the luminous efficiency is still maintained at a high level.” DannyYu said.

 Compared with phosphor conversion, multi-color mixing means higher cost, other With time, the color bleaching phenomenon may become more serious, another drawback is to increase the complexity of the device, the technical requirements for multi-chip package and complexity of optical devices. Also need to compensate the color control feedback circuit to control the degradation and thermal characteristics of different discrete LED chips.

 Concerned about the overall performance of the product

 “We think the focus of subsequent developments in the chip is the photosynthetic efficiency improvements, and improved LED package focuses on the overall quality and performance.” Including more emphasis on CCT (CCT), color rendering index (CRI) and high efficiency. These factors have become the decision of product quality, energy efficiency and reliability of key indicators.

 Following the introduction of amber while ago (PCamber) LED product, recently, Philips Lumileds Lighting the development of new products aimed at applications, has launched LUXEON? Rebel series of nine new LED products, specifically for embedded lighting, street lamps and high intensity bulb and many other lighting applications, on the specific combination of color temperature and color rendering has been optimized, and consistent with ENERGYSTAR? such requirement. In the latest breakthrough technologies used LUXEONRebelLED its hot and cold coefficient increased to 0.93 (typically 0.80-0.85), can provide more than almost any other power type LED have high light output and efficiency. The nine new products under the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) criteria for classification are able to meet its stringent requirements prescribed color temperature and color rendering index. Superior performance to meet these new LED lead into ENERGYSTAR? Certification requirements and similar requirements of a variety of lighting applications products.

 “We are very pleased to be targeted by a high color temperature, color rendering index and lumens output of the combination of the direct impact of the needs of customers LUXEONRebel the other of these Energy Star and other industry-standard certified products can help our customers save system the cost and time, accelerating the pace of R & D and product market to help us expand in the solid state lighting market. This is our market development specifically for the lighting of the first special LUXEONRebelLED lighting products, we plan to according to the needs of our customers continue to develop new products.. We will continuously strive to provide our customers expect high quality, consistency and reliability of LUXEON? high-power LED. “

 About Philips Lumileds

 Philips Lumileds is the world’s leading power LED lighting solutions provider. The company has consistently worked to promote the development of solid-state lighting technology, lighting solutions to improve environmental protection, help reduce CO2 emissions and reduce the demand for expansion of power plants, and the company’s leading light output, efficacy and thermal management is a direct result of this work. Philips Lumileds of LUXEONLED as shops, outdoor, office, school and home lighting solutions bring a new choice.