Philippines STRANGEST food! ETAG in Sagada | Travel Philippines Vlog

Philippines STRANGEST food! ETAG in Sagada | Travel Philippines Vlog

I’m a huge fan of Filipino food. Street food in the Philippines is some of my favourite because a lot of it is so different interesting, and tasty.
As a foreigner in the Philippines…Why go to a Filipino restaurant when you can get delicious Pinoy street food, and be eating Balut, Isaw, and other strange foods? Manila especially is great for this!

Just a few days before getting my Kalinga Tattoo from Whang Od in Buscalan we visited an Igorot village elder to get his permission to visit his ancestors at a hanging coffin site in Sagada. He was smoking a very important type of Igorot food called Etag. Etag is used in ceremonies in this part of the Philippines, I was interested in trying it because the traditional way of preserving it, invited maggots, beatles and all other sorts of insects into the process.

I’m so happy I was able to spend such quality time with Lakay Wa-Ow, try on his ceremonial necklace, and also buy his Etag.

I’m excited to share the second part at Amir’s Birthday Party. Stay tuned!

Inspired by the Best ever food review show and their various interesting Filipino travel vlogs about foods like Catching and eating Wild Tamilok in Palawan…. Is this Philippines Strangest or Scariest Food?

Where are my Filipino and Filipina subscribers at!? Would you try this?



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