Philippines Call Center Jobs- Way To Land At One


In the recent years, there has been a steady rise in the total number of call center jobs in Philippines. The country is now considered to be one of the popular outsourcing destinations in the whole world. With an attractive pay and other additional benefits, Philippines call center jobs are some of the most sought after job prospects.

Most companies in the Philippines offer at least $ 300 or 15,000 pesos in a month. This is something that attracts most youths. So what it takes to start on a thriving Philippines call centre profession? What are those skills that will help you to land yourself to one of the call centers? Well, this article will give you the ways to find out a right call centre job in Philippines.

First of all, you need to have good grab of English. It would be better if you have good grasp of the American accent. Most organizations actually have training program for the line of new hires. In the training program, the new hires are taught about American expressions, cultures and the accent. The training programs are more concerned about the pronunciation and communicating with clarity.

When you are interviewed for any call centre opening, make sure that you pronounce words very clearly. Avoid any kind of expressions and try to devise all your answers in your own mind as quickly as possible. So before you utter an answer, formulate the same from before.

Next in line comes your patience. You need to display a great amount of patience. You should know that you are selecting a career that requires handling of a lot unreasonable, angry and simply outrageous customers. To be a part of the customer care industry, you should always show patience and restraint with all your callers.

You need to have good communication skills, if you wish to be a part of the growing call center industry. You should have the ability to clearly express and construct what you actually want to communicate. This will help the callers to fully understand about what you are trying to say him or her. Miscommunication is always considered a sin in this call centre business.

After communication skills, comes the importance of basic computer knowledge. Yes, this is what every employer will be asking you in the interview. Basic computer knowledge is required for people who actually wish to get started with a customer service career.

You also have to be quick, smart and a rational thinker. In actuality, a call centre job is not all about mindlessly answering to the calls. It requires handling the angry clients and analyzing what he or she has to say and then offering the reasonable answers to the customer queries.

Last but not the least; you have to display the readiness to work hard. One of the many reasons why most call centers are found to pay more to their employees is that they are found to demand much more from the employees. You need to work on holidays and give up your good night’s sleep while working in the graveyard shifts.