Pet Friendly Holidays

.tags Take them with you or leave them at home?
Would you consider going on a family holiday and leaving your children behind? well maybe you would but youd always have the choice to take them with you! There are many people however to whom there pets mean the world and the thought of going on holiday and having to leave their pets behind with strangers would simply spoil the holiday.

One popular choice for pet owners is to enjoy a camping or caravan holiday. Load everything into the car and set off to your destination. Not everyones idea of a break but a change is as good as a rest sometimes if you dont mind living in a confined space for a week or two.

However, although restricted to holidaying in the United Kingdom, pet lovers should not be made to feel an inconvenience or have to put up with inferior standards just because they choose to take their pets with them. Some hotels of course allow you to bring your pet with you though many will make a fairly hefty charge for the pleasure. Granted there may be extra cleaning required for a room that has been host to an animal for however short a period and there is always the risk of damage to furniture and floor coverings.

The Lake District certainly seems to be one area of the UK that is well served by pet friendly hotels. Naturally this is an ideal location to holiday if you own a dog or two that love walking. Local pubs and eateries too welcome well-behaved dogs with their owners. The Damson Dene Hotel in Crosthwaite even offers a four poster bed for its canine guests!

Whether you have to pay for your pets to stay with you or not it is important to the comfort and enjoyment of your holiday that they are well catered for and welcome at the establishment and not seen as an nuisance. Perhaps a nice alternative for your pet is to send it on its own holiday. Not the usual kennels where your beloved animal is confined to a small space for a week or two, fed and watered once a day and thats about it. For this minimal effort you are often expected to pay a phenomenal sum adding a huge expensive to your overall holiday budget. An increasingly popular alternative is to have your pet personally looked after by, if you like, a short-term foster parent. The internet is an ideal starting point if you are trying to locate this type of service, there are a number of franchises set up to provide a national coverage.

Of course, if money is no object, maybe your pooch would like to check into its very own 4 star pet hotel it wont be long before this American trend is popular here too!
By in large, given the opportunity, pet owners would rather have their companion with them on holiday and hoteliers are aware of this. Depending on its target market, a pet friendly accommodation can be a real draw and worth considering.