Peru Tours And Brazil Holidays Bring South America Back On The Travel Agenda

.tags Did you know that South America is one of the world’s most desirable destinations? Peru tours, Brazil holidays and Argentine adventures – they all offer more opportunities for genuine luxury travel than probably anywhere else in the world. South America as a whole has that unique combination of top end infrastructure (luxury hotels; vineyards; spectacular sites of special scientific interest) and charming local colour: enough sights, smells and sounds to count as a real travelling experience and enough really beautiful and attentive places to stay in to count as a top flight holiday.

If you’re interested in mixing travel and holiday in South America, we’ve a few ideas that might just be up your street. Peru tours, for example. One of the most beautiful, spiritual and inspiring countries in the world, Peru is home to the legendary Machu Picchu, the ruined mountain city of the “cloud people” – some of whom still live in the jungles around it. Culture and history continues throughout Peru: the Inca Trail, the Sacred Valley and the Nazca Plains (with their inexplicable Lines, thought by many to be proof of extra terrestrial life).

How about Brazil holidays? Jet over to Brazil and you’ll be amazed by the incredible, rich variety of life and grandeur available to you. From the astonishing revelry, bright lights and long late nights of Rio de Janeiro (think West Coast US but about ten times crazier) to the Brazilian parts of the Amazon basin, this really is a country that can claim a little bit of everything. Beach resorts, seaside life, natural splendour and city highlights. Brazil is the perfect destination for a luxury honeymoon as well as a high class adventure tour.

Back to Peru, and anyone taking up our Peru tours offer might well, buy now, be relaxing in the historic and incredibly beautiful city of Lima. Lovers of the city have at least three stormers to choose from in Peru: Lima; Cusco; and Arequipa. Lima holds the most variety of things to see and do (as both capital and the largest settlement in Peru); while Cusco claims less size but an incredible air of magic and mystery. Cusco used to be the capital of the Incan empire, until it was famously “redirected” by settling Catholics, who built many of their most imposing churches directly on top of Incan holy sites. The resulting architecture is an astonishing mixture of the old and the new, and a beautiful synthesis of religions and artistic ideals.

Brazil holidays don’t exactly lack for incredible architecture, of course. From the enormous statue of Jesus in Rio de Janeiro to the American-esque downtown skyscrapers of Sao Paulo, Brazil gives you everything you could want from its cities and then some. Once you have had your fill of the great and the grand, you can get on the trail out into the sleepier parts of the country, where you will be stunned by the beauty of tiny towns and perfect little white churches nesting over mesquite flats.

Peru tours or Brazil holidays, or any one of hundreds of other opportunities: South American travel is back on the map. Get yourself on it.