Personalizing Twitter Backgrounds

{flickr|100|campaign} Twitter is a social networking site with blogging capabilities that allow people to share information, news, blog posts, images, and other multimedia objects on the Web. Also, Twitter allows the users to customize their accounts for a more personalized look and feel, which is one of the reasons why social networking sites are popular to date.
If you want to personalize your Twitter accounts backgrounds, first you have to look for websites that offer background designs for Twitter. Browse through the available design and find the background that you want to put in your Twitter account. Usually, there is a View Sample option on each template design for you to have an overall look on the background once applied in your account. If you have decided on the design, click Choose or other similar buttons to make your selection.
Next, fill in your personal information, such as your complete name, home address, contact numbers, website, email address, blog, and a short biography. Bear in mind that you have to check your spelling and grammar, since the information you will be providing will be displayed for all of your followers in your Twitter account to see.
Then, upload your logo image and personal photo from your desktop or your laptop to complement your hot twitter backgrounds. You have to make sure that the images you are going to upload will not be larger than two megabytes, or they will not be uploaded at all. Also, enter your personal email address and the username for your Twitter account into the empty fields. Click the Continue button to proceed on the next step.
After having completed all the requirements, you will receive an email shortly with guidelines on how to get your hot twitter backgrounds and upload them on your Twitter account. While you are waiting for the email, you could browse on other hot Twitter backgrounds for more preferences.
Once you have successfully uploaded your hot twitter backgrounds to your profile, tweet about it. Spread the news of your new personalized backgrounds to your relatives and friends and tell them how they can get their own. Also, check the website where you have gotten the backgrounds for updates.