Personalized Travel Mugs Carry Your Signature

.tags Have you ever wondered why some companies give personalized travel mugs to their employees, clients and even customers? If you think that they are doing this out of any philanthropic concern, forget it. This is business, man, and every move made is planned much in advance to stay ahead of the competition. There is cut throat competition in every field, and to beat this competition, promotional strategies are made keeping an eye on future sales. Giving of gifts is nothing new; companies have been using this marketing gimmick for centuries now. Only the manner and the items have changed. Using travel mugs is a clever ploy by the companies to make more and more people see their name and logo. Of course they have many options when it comes to giving gifts, but they know that these mugs are worth every penny spent on them as they are something people love to carry around wherever they go. The more they travel, the more are the chances of people having a look at the name of your company and this is what you want, dont you?

Now coffee is something most people start their day with, and since they take it from the same mug every day, they become fond of the mug in the same way they would to their other possessions. In fact they develop sentimental feelings towards these mugs and this fact is cleverly used by companies for their own profit. They get the name and the logo of the company printed on these personalized travel mugs which is not to be missed out by their customers when they sip their coffee every time they use these mugs. Can there be a more ingenious method of advertising? To cap it all, these mugs are insulated from inside to keep the liquid hot for a long time which makes people to take their beverage along with them even when they go out. A person can make use of these personalized travel mugs whenever he feels like in the middle of a road, getting outside his car and sipping his favorite beverage. Every one who is in the vicinity takes a glance at the mug, and gets to see the logo of the company printed on it. Being insulated, these personalized travel mugs can be used all round the year no matter it is cold, chilly morning or hot summers. Just imagine the amount of advertising these mugs do when a person takes them out of his bag to have his cold drink in a crowded beach.

People have become very sensitive to pollution and prefer using products that are eco friendly. This has prompted companies to go for travel mugs made from recycled material and they proudly proclaim it. When you use recycled material and your customers get to know about the fact, they carry an impression that you and your company care for the environment to have an even bigger impact on the minds of the customers. These mugs are today increasingly being used for promotional purposes.