Personalities I Admire, Swedish Alfred Bernhard Nobel


Hasan A. Yahya, a writer from Palestine

Even though Nobel, the inventor we selected to cover in this article invented a dealy weapon, the Dynamite in 1855, his recommendation for Nobel Prize is a commended as an honorable work. He should be credited for the noble cause for peace. Where all humans around the world look eagerly to it. A Sweden list shows a large number of incredible personalitie of inventors and discovers born in the country of Sweden. In 2006, the population of Sweden was estimated to be 9,016,596. Sweden is located in Northern Europe and a member of the European Union.

Mr. Alfred Bernahard Nobel was born on October 21, 1833, at Stockholm, Sweden, and died on December 10, 1896, Sanremo, Italy.

I admire the person for several qualities. Alfred Bernhard Nobel, was a Swedish chemist, inventor, and philanthropist, born in Stockholm. After receiving an education in Saint Petersburg, Russia, and in the United States, where he studied mechanical engineering, he returned to St. Petersburg to work under his father, developing mines, torpedoes, and other explosives. In a family-owned factory in Heleneborg, Sweden, he sought to develop a safe way to handle nitroglycerin, after a factory explosion in 1864 killed his younger brother and four other people. In 1866 Nobel achieved his goal; by using an organic packing material to reduce the volatility of the nitroglycerin, he produced what he called dynamite. He later produced ballistite, one of the first smokeless powders. At the time of his death he controlled factories for the manufacture of explosives in many parts of the world. His will provided that the major portion of his $ 9 million estate be set up as a fund to establish yearly prizes for merit in physics, chemistry, medicine and physiology, literature, and world peace. Unfortunately, in spite of the wealth of Many Arabs and Muslims, as well millionaires in Asia, and Africa, limited enterprises commit itself on following suite with Mr. Nobel.  

According to historical documents, Nobel was a man of courage. In 1866, Alfred Nobel discovered that mixing nitroglycerine with silica would turn the liquid into a paste which could be shaped into rods of a size and form suitable for insertion into drilling holes. In 1867 he patented this material under the name of dynamite. To be able to detonate the dynamite rods he also invented a detonator (blasting cap) which could be ignited by lighting a fuse. The market for dynamite and detonating caps grew very rapidly and Alfred Nobel also proved himself to be a very skillful entrepreneur and businessman.

While recently, Nobel prize was criticized by some intellectuals and free thinkers as becoming partly politicized in recent years, the mere idea of Mr. Nobel remains honorable, and commended though. The spirit of the idea itself to promote peace should be always celebrated and honored, and the motives behind such a cause should be strongly appreciated all times. So, while rejecting politicizing the prize, I admire the person who  invented the prize initially for,  its honorable cause. (522 words)  



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