Perfect Male Version of Lady Gaga


Lady Gaga is not only famous for her singing career with such hits as “Just dance” and “Poke Face” topping the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States but she is also well known for her extraordinary awkward dressing style. Always appearing in the public in strange and weird clothes, this Italian American singer have created a “Lady Gaga” fashion trends among youngsters, especially her fans. Recently, there appears a guy name Edward Vigiletti who perfectly copies Lady Gaga. In fact, his image has been used by many websites with the assumption that it is real Lady Gaga. Following are some pictures of the male version of Gaga:


Edward Vigiletti is a big fan of Lady Gaga.


It’s really impossible to recognize this is not Lady Gaga.


Edward Vigiletti did make great surprise when he copied the notorious singer so perfectly.


Looking at this photo, even the loyal fan cannot point out the difference.


Edward Vigiletti even has a sexy female figure in this photo.


Edward Vigiletti as a female cook


The male Lady Gaga is posing in the kitchen.


Edward Vigiletti took these photos in order to win a ticket to the concert at Birmingham’s star.


However, he did not win the ticket due to his late submission.


Amazingly perfect copy by Edward Vigiletti


Edward Vigiletti in his daily life.



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