Pentawards 2010 Winners Announced


Pentawards is the international competition for packing designed forms of all products. The event takes place annually and attracts everybody who is associated with creation and marketing of packaging. All packing designs from all countries are submitted and judged by an international jury. The prizes are divided into smaller categories including diamond, platinum, gold, silver and bronze Pentawards based on the creation and quality of the design. Participating in the notable competition, companies’ reputation will be promoted internationally and the winning designs will be delivered prestigious awards which demonstrate the expertise in public as well as throughout the world.


The ceremony of Pentawards competition was held at Belgium-EU pavilion at Shanghai Expo 2010 on 30 September, 2010. The best design award of 2010 goes to Hoyu3210 – Japanese hair products’ packaging.


Diamond Pentaward 2010

Hoyu3210 is named the “Best of the Show”. The packaging belongs to Japanese hair products which were created by Japanese agency ADK. The packing was designed in black and white which illustrates the simplicity and purity of the exceptional packaging.


Platinum Pentaward 2010

The Best of body category is delivered to U by Kotex of CBX (New York).


This hygiene product for female is packed in colorful pieces which are enclosed in a small modern metal box.


The Best of Food category is awarded to the Deli Garage—Chocolate Glue from Germany. The favorite chocolate oil is presented in the shape of bottles for wood glue.


The Deli Garage, in general, is a creative producer who presents all products in style of car maintenance products.


The special prize for best entry in the Luxury category is awarded for the Oriens bottle of Van Cleef & Arpels by BrandImage Paris. The luxurious jewellery is presented in a compact form like a ring with gleaming colors and baroque elegance.


Out_of_ark® from Germany is named the Platinum Pentaward 2010 for best of other markets category.


The bag box resembles the bars of a cage. Thanks to the completely recyclable cardboard, this design is perfectly ecological.



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