Penang Attractions


Penang, one of the Malaysia’s 13 states is considered as the “Pearl of the Orient” of the Malaysia Peninsula. Penang is derived from the local word “Pinang,” which means betel nut. Thousands of tourists visit Penang to witness its unique heritage in culture and its breathtaking sceneries.

One of the most popular Penang attractions is the Georgetown Attractions. Georgetown is rich with Penang’s local tapestry of culture. This is Penang’s capital city where you can visit the Penang State Museum and Art Gallery. This museum features Penang’s local heritage tracing back to its early years. You can see a large collection of photos, documents, maps, antique pieces, costumes and other notable historical relics. In Georgetown, you can also see the Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion, Fort Cornwallis, Khoo Kongsi, Kek Lok Si Temple, and St. George’s Church among many others.

Batu Ferringhi is also one of Penang’s attractions. Teluk Bahang, its neighboring town boasts of rich nature-based sights to see. Penang’s Cultural Centre, Batik Factory, and Yahong Art Gallery are only a few of the notable places to visit.

Tanjung Bungah on the other hand houses the Floating Mosque and the Toy Museum. The Floating Mosque or Masjid Terapung was newly built in 2004 as a replacement for a mosque, which was destroyed by a tsunami. This is the first mosque in the country, which was built on the sea. The Toy Museum on the other hand, holds over 100, 000 different types of toys, collectibles and other figurines. It is hailed as the largest toy museum in the world.

Bayan Lepas, also a Penang must-see attraction, houses the War Museum, which depicts Malaysia’s past and war history.

Gurney Drive is also one of Penang’s pride and it houses two very remarkable and beautiful temples, the Wat Chaiya Mangkalaram and the Dharmikarama. Way Chaiya Mangkalaram is a Thai temple, which is a home to the Reclining Buddha Statue. Dharmikarama Temple, on the other hand is a Burmese temple, which is Penang’s first Burmese temple.

Penang also houses beautiful beaches and virgin islands on its northern part of the island. It has also taken care to preserve its nature, which makes it ideal for those who seek nature trips on their holidays.

Truly, Penang is just one state of Malaysia which holds true to its reputation of being a country with rich cultural heritage and attractive tourist spots.