Pembroke Castle


Located in Pembrokeshire is one of the more popular castles of Wales known as Pembroke Castle. The original castle that occupied this site was actually built in 1093 during the Norman invasion of Wales. This was later subjected to numerous renovations for the next few centuries. The castle got a break when William Marshal, from the 12th century spent quite the effort to make the castle most of what appears today. Located on the banks of the river estuary with holiday cottages UK, it is very ideal for tours and hikes and even short exploration during your holidays in Pembrokeshire.

Most of this fortress in Pembrokeshire is intact and that includes a captivating length of endless stairways, passages and tunnels all over the castle and grounds, not even including the areas further away with the holiday cottages UK. It is very apparent that a lot of work was put into the restoration of this magnificent wonder. Many exhibits have also been beautifully presented all over the complex as museum-type pieces, a welcome break for holidays in Pembrokeshire.

Picnics at the grounds

Take a short break and spend a nice sunny day at the castle grounds, even enjoy a nice short stroll on the grass and enjoy the sun and admire the views of the woodlands, the hills and the holiday cottages UK further away. Walk around the millions and enjoy more magnificent views of this little slice of Pembrokeshire from the opposite bank of the river, a gem worthy of the pride of Wales, perfect for a holidays in Pembrokeshire today.

Fights at the Castle

There are many scheduled events at this Castle for holidays in Pembrokeshire throughout the year and this is known all throughout Wales. People intentionally stay in holiday cottages UK nearby in order to be closer the said events. Knight contests and re-enactments are held on occasion. Watch and experience the 17th century life as soldiers and mercenaries battle it out. Take a break from the present to feel the energy of these medieval events. From short fights to bigger battles, these events have always been a crowd favorite ever since its inception. It is exhilarating to watch these short swordfights and very intense both for the performers but the audience as well.

Medieval life

Not just battles happened in medieval times, although a lot of them did happen but there was normal life in Pembrokeshire and in Wales as well. The concept is simple but effective and is such a welcome break from the usual entertainment during holidays in Pembrokeshire. Take a break from all the fighting and violence of medieval times and watch artisans practice ancient crafts and disciplines like weaving and spinning, this truly is an eye-opener.  With the landscape and the holiday cottages UK in the hills surrounding the area, it makes these events even more authentic. Even training falcons as they were used in medieval times, it is simply magnificent watching these birds react and perform well to how they have been trained. It is a discipline that has much to be admired.