Payless Shoes Coupons

{flickr|100|campaign} Our footwear manufacturing experts contract out the crafting of our shoes in more than 100 factories worldwide. We specify the style, materials, construction method and quality standards for safety, fit and durability. And to ensure your comfort, we have worked with a leading podiatrist to build patented comfort features into many of our shoes. All materials that go into our shoes are inspected, and we put samples of finished shoes through “torture tests” to make sure they meet our standards, and yours.

In spite of all that we do to ensure quality, sometimes the demands of real life “torture tests” exceed all the stress testing we can manage to put on a shoe. When this happens, above all we want to make it right for you, our valued customer. If the quality of our shoe does not meet your expectation, simply return it to any Payless store, where you will receive a refund for the original purchase price. You may also mail your return to, and we will refund the original purchase price and any shipping and handling charges.
We closely manage the manufacture of our shoes to offer you a truly great fit. All of our shoes are crafted with the highest standards of construction to ensure sizes are consistent from style to style.

We offer an assortment of footwear in large end sizes including Women’s sizes 12 and 13, Men’s sizes 14 and 15 and extended youth sizes up to 6. Many of our styles are offered in both regular and wide widths.

Payless ShoeSource offers a large selection of wide-width shoes in our stores and online at By using our search function, you can choose to search for wide widths in any category. In addition, when you are on a page for a particular
shoe, you see every color available in wide width.

To ensure that you purchase the correct shoe size, we recommend measuring your feet. Our printable foot measurement tool makes it easy to determine the proper shoe size for you or your child.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print the above foot measurement tools. Most current web browsers already have this application installed. If you don’t have it installed, you can visit Adobe’s website and download and install it for free.