Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing Tips – How to Use Google Analytics


In pay per click, there are a number of tracking & testing tools which are available to you at no cost. Many smart advertisers use Google website optimizer & Google analytics. However, few people really know how to make full use of analytics when it comes to pay per click marketing campaigns.

Google Analytics

The first few things you need to do before you use analytics is to create an account, create a profile for your website then add a piece of code on the pages within the footer area of your website.

Average Time

Using the tracking function within Google AdWords or the testing functions of Google website optimizer, you can never tell how long a visitor is viewing your website. When you look at the average time people are on your specific landing page, it can be an indicator of how effective your landing page is.

Browser Type

Do you know which internet browser most of your visitors are using? You can find out within Google analytics. The reason why you need to know is because the newer the browser, the more technologically savvy your visitors are, the older the browser the less savvy they are.

Now that you know their level of comfort with technology, you can tailor your communications based on that. If they are very savvy, you can afford to test out the newer technology, if they are less savvy, you go for the simplest possible solution.

Conversion Funnel

Set your goals based on the visitor path. Maybe your flow is in this order, squeeze page, confirmation page, sales page, thank you page. This is your conversion funnel, you can see where exactly your visitors dropping off & you will know exactly where & what to fix.

Maybe you are getting many people subscribing to your email newsletter yet not as many clicked on the confirmation link, so you need to have a better message telling them to open their email to click on a confirmation link.


There are so many other ways to improve the flow of your search marketing campaign, this is a simple little idea which is easy to implement, therefore you should test it out as soon as you can.