Patience In The Mind


Patience In The Mind

  We should have a great deal of patience at the mental level.How ever difficult the task may be we should not loose our patience.Being patient in the mental level we can conserve a lot of energy and can work more and better.Becoming worried and anxious all the time we loose most of our mental energy and feel tired.A patient mind is a happy mind.It keeps us in steadiness through out the day.We never loose energy and our off the job activities also becomes better and we keep good relationship with others.We should not be anxious even for a moment and should have infinite strength and courage to achieve our goal.

Better relationship-Being patient in the mind we can have better relationship with our family,people and our friends.We will feel a good experience all the time with everything and being.Patience is a virtue which can be cultivated and can be lived in our daily activities.We should practice patience by which we can drive out irritation and mental anguish from ourselves and can keep us always in a happy state attracting more customers to our fold by delivering better service with a charming personality.

Better service-We can serve our organization in a much better way if we have patience in the mind.In an organisation a lot of customers are expected and this is more in service oriented organizations and if we become patient in mind we can deliver a better customer service and our customers will also be happy by the quality of our work and smooth disposal of them.They will also bless us and our family with out our knowledge.So ‘patience in mind and dynamism in action’ can take us to astounding heights and we can also move in the direction of our hopes and dreams.

Physical well being-Our physical health will also improve if we become patient in mind.We can take care of our body and remove many common ailments by developing common solutions for bodily problems.If we become patient in mind our internal organs will also function in a well co-ordinated manner and all the activities inside and outside will become smoother and finer.So in order to be healthy,wealthy and wise we should have a patient mind.Becoming patient our bodily functions become normal and we never feel tired and work more in a perfect manner.

Development of personality-Becoming patient in mind we develop a good personality within ourselves.There is inner flowering whose fragrance is manifested in our thoughts,words and deeds.We should practise patience at the mental level in order to have a good and beautiful personality.By development of personality our interpersonal and intrapersonal relationship increases.we become happy and make others happy.

Intra personal and inter personal relationship-By becoming patient at the mental level we keep a good relationship with ourselves..We think better,plan better and keep ourselves upto date with good knowledge and skills by which we serve better to our family and society and there by our inter personal relationship also become better.

Perfection-patience in mind leads to perfection in work.We work qualitatively and quantitatively.We are not susceptible to any mistake in our work and the quality of our work increases and we not only help ourselves but also help our family and society.Becoming perfect in all aspects of life we aquire a greater degree of success and reach our goals bringing joy to self and others.

Creativity-Becoming patient in mind we develop a lot of inner creativity to remain in a pleasant mood and discharge our duty in the best possible manner.Our creative potential becomes energised and we aquire energy from everything and being in the universe and go forward with courage,confidence and our dynamism in every field remains in tact and all the time we feel cool and calm and work creatively and happily.

Methodology-We can develop patience by a number of methods.By meditation,yoga,reading good books and writing creative stories and reading the lives of greatmen we can develop patience within us.there are a number of techniques and the best technique is which we develop for ourselves to get rid  of impatience.We should always remember there is a doctor in ourselves and aquiring knowledge from outside we should develop our methodology to be patient and cool in mind and enjoy the fruits and we should be constantly guided by the inner doctor.

We came to know that becoming patient in mind we can be better individuals,will be liked by all everywhere,our works will be better,we can have a better spirit all the time and our pesonality will be manifested like a frgrant flower.So at any point of life we should not compromise with patience.A patient mind is a happy mind and can bring for us peace,progress,happiness,wealth and prosperity.