Party Islands in the Caribbean


Caribbean, with its massive tourism culture and infrastructure, has now become one of the most visited regions in the world. Tourists, numbering in millions, throng the different island nations of this region to enjoy the most exquisite type of tourism in the world. In recent years, there is an addition to the already vibrant tourism scene of the Caribbean. That recent addition is the construction of numerous nightclubs, discos and casinos in the region. This phenomenon has created a massive tourism boom in the region, especially of the young and hip crowd.

Following is a list of islands in the Caribbean that are known for their rave parties and scintillating nightlife.

Dutch Antilles

Dutch Antilles is probably one of the most happening islands in the Caribbean. Although very small, it boasts of a hip culture where thousands of young men and women come from all over the world to enjoy the rave parties. These parties are held on both the beaches as well as major hotels and tourist resorts. Unfortunately, these parties are not very cheap and some high profile events are off limits to common tourists.

St Lucia

This island has always been known as one of the centres of nightlife in the Caribbean region. There are dozens of nightclubs and discos on the island that caters to all tastes and age groups. Some discos cater to the young crowd with thematic nights offering special DJ performances and live shows. Others are a bit toned down with older crowd and performers.


Barbados probably is the nightlife capital of Caribbean. Given its big size and geography, Barbados has a happening nightlife. More importantly, Barbados also has a great domestic nightlife where local tribes and ethnic groups host dozens of exotic dances and performances. Thousands of western tourists are more interested in these dances than the western style nightlife that is easily available at every major tourist resort in the region.

Barbados also has a great variety of spirits. Besides the world famous rum, some local breweries have launched new brands of scotch that sells like hot cakes.


Though not located in the heart of the Caribbean, Bermuda is considered one of the best islands in the region. It is also one of the most developed islands of the region. Bermuda party scene is unique from other islands in the sense that it is heavily influenced by the western and American culture. Subsequently, one feels like partying at home when at Bermuda instead of experiencing a different flavour. Given this phenomenon, many tourists flock to this island to enjoy a feel of their home countries. In recent years, tourism planners and the local government has started incorporating the local culture into the nightlife. Now there are some exotic dancing parties and rave nights happening in some tourist resorts. They are also popular because the tourists have found a new way of having thrill and fun.