Paris Hilton, Missing?


Nicole Ritchie and Joel Madden obviously did not rush getting hitched. ¬†At their 4th year anniversary as sweethearts the couple took the next level and finally tied a knot. Their lavish wedding took place at the bride’s father, Lionel Ritchie Beverly Hills estate. Nicole and Joel, a front man of Good Charlotte were blessed with two children, Harlow their 2-year old daughter and Sparrow 1-year old son. As a fashion designer, her distinct styles follow through even motherhood, as she is often seen carrying designer diaper bags while strolling out with her babies.

Judging from the kind of life and behavior Nicole shown to the public during her single years, it far cry to what she is at the moment. Gone are days when she party hard with Paris. Motherhood domesticated her to a whole new level. Her parenting skills with the help of his now-husband Joel and his father Lionel Ritchie deserves two thumbs up. Nicole shares that she is now a pro in preparing her babies food from mashing potatoes, feeding them and making sure that all the stuff needed was in her designer diaper bags before taking her babies out.

The recent wedding creates buzz when her ex-best friend was missing on her special day. Everyone can’t help but wonder if Nicole had sent an invitational card to Paris. The duo had an over sensationalized misunderstanding during the height of their high-rated show The Simple Life. Though both stars are now on speaking terms, but it seems that both of them failed to bring back the good old times. Nicole finally answers the pressing query about Paris Hilton absence on her wedding by saying that prior to the wedding date, Paris notified her that she cannot attend the wedding due to conflict of schedule. Paris was shooting her Oxygen reality show in Vegas. The socialite actress instead give the newly wed an early wedding gift and extended congratulations through text message.

She escorted his musician father at the recent 25th Annual ASCAP Pop Music Awards in Los Angeles, Nicole as always looks glamorous in her gown. She dished on how being a mom has impacted her style, her new post-baby body and her man. Her fondness of designer diaper bags clearly added an instant style and glamour on her embraced motherhood persona.