Oxford Style Citing


Most instructions require students taking humanities to write Oxford style papers using the Oxford style. The oxford writing style is mainly used to write research papers, term papers and essays in the area of humanities. The oxford writing style is also called the documentary note citation system. Most students find it difficulty to write Oxford style papers using oxford writing style. This is because the students are not familiar with Oxford writing style. This makes it hard for the students to format the papers according to oxford Style requirement. Instructors in most institutions grade the Oxford style papers according to the way the student has cited the Oxford style papers using oxford style Majority of the students are not able to cite Oxford style papers correctly using Oxford writing style. This has affected the student’s performance as the students get low marks. Students who submit Oxford style papers that are not cited well get low marks. On the other hand students who submit Oxford style papers that are well cited using oxford style get high marks.
Oxford style citing has different features like other writing styles. For instance, it allows students to include in text citations and bibliography list. Students are supposed to include in text citations and a bibliography list when writing papers using Oxford style. The Oxford writing styles has a different format for citing sources from other writing styles like APA or MLA. Students should be conversant with the format used to cite sources using Oxford writing style.
In addition, the oxford style citing allows students to use super scripts. When citing sources, the students are supposed to use superscripts and footnotes that correspond to the sources. The students are required to acknowledge different sources by including in text citations and discussing them in depth in the footnotes. For example, Oxford style citing allows students to include footnotes from different sources used to write Oxford style papers like books, news papers and journals. The super script numbers are placed at the end of the sentences .Also, the superscript numbers can be placed after the section they are referring to. For instance, students can place superscript numbers after direct quotes used in the Oxford style papers.
Moreover, Oxford style citing is different from other writing styles as it gives writers an opportunity to summarize or paraphrase the content of the Oxford style papers. Students can use superscript numbers when paraphrasing or summarizing the content of the Oxford style papers. The writer is supposed to give the names of the author of the various sources beings used and include it in the sentence paraphrased. After that the writer should place a superscript number at the end of the sentence.
Additionally, the Oxford style citing gives the writers different methods to quote. If the Quotation is more than 30 words long, the writer should omit the quotation marks and begin the quotation in a new line and indent it. The quotation should be indented 1 cm from the margin. The Oxford style paper should have foot notes and end notes. The writer should have a shoreline at the end of text separating the text and the footnotes. The footnote should provide full details of the source being used. If the writer has similar sources he should not repeat it, but use the authors last name and the page if it is different.