Overview of Nike Dunk ID Highs


As all Nike aficionados know by now, the label has been in a new product unveiling spree in the recent past, with dozens of new Nike products coming out into the markets in the last few months alone. These New Nike products (which are either being launched for the first time or being re-launched) include the likes of the Nike SB Dunk Mid Pro Sea Crystal, the Nike Dunk Mid Pro SB, the Nike Dunk Low Premium SB, as well as the Nike Dunk ID high, an admittedly enchanting product (from my personal experience); and which is our focus here.

The first thing that one gets to notice upon encountering the Nike Dunk ID high is that is an unapologetically tall shoe. In addition to the shoes remarkable natural height, the color scheme employed for the sole (which extends to form the first visible ‘layer’ of the shoe when viewed from an anterior vantage point) only goes further to accentuate the perceived ‘tallness’ of the Nike Dunk ID high. The sole in question is what can be termed to be a light blue affair, with a ‘carved in stripes’ that when viewed from the anterior vantage point only go further to accentuate the shoe’s perceived tallness.

It is notable that Nike, to its credit, doesn’t make the Nike Dunk ID High tall at the expense of the wearers comfort. The rise of the shoe to its highest point (height-wise) is gradual, so that the shoe starts off at what would be an ordinary height at the toe level (were it not for the thicker sole), and then rises in height very gradually, to reach its peak height at the mid of the shoe; before starting to fall, equally gradually, in height; to reach a much lower height at the back of the shoe. This way, the wearer might be seen wearing a tall shoe, but they certainly don’t feel it in uncomfortable way.

Three main colors are visible in the Nike Dunk ID High (though it is notable that Nike says you can go and have your pair tailor-made/customized at one of their studios, if you can ‘secure an appointment’ there). Nonetheless, in my pair of Nike Dunk ID high, the conspicuous colors are the dark brown base-material color of the shoe, the light blue on the sole which is visible from an anterior point of view as the ‘tallness enhancing stripes’ (and which occurs a number of other times in patches all around the shoe), and the pink which makes the shoe laces and the region joining the sole to the base material.

As with most of Nike’s new products, the signature Nike tick in the Nike Dunk ID high is quite elongated, starting as it does, from a multi-color stripped patch near the center of the shoe; going all the way to the back of the shoe, then going round the shoes’ back to emerge and terminate at the opposite end of the shoe. For a ‘tying mechanism’ Nike opts to be conservative, opting for the traditional shoe-lace mechanism, though the shoe lace in question here is quite an elongated affair (up to 18 holes); and quite thick too.