Outdoor Sports in Mendoza


Fourteen is the number of national parks in Mendoza, as a consequence of the policy to preserve local flora and fauna. As a token of this concern, note that the section of the popular Dakkar rally passing through the territory of Mendoza has been diverted in part to prevent the passage of vehicles through one of those protected areas. Without appealing to overstatements, Mendoza is a true paradise on Earth. You can very well stay in one of the fine Mendoza 5 stars hotels, and take one of the many eco-friendly tours that the region has to offer.

It is possible to visit the Aconcagua Mount, located in the National Park of the same name. But this true challege for climbers of all over the world is not the only attraction of the northwest region of Mendoza. The Inca Bridge must be visited undoubtedly. This amazing rock formation shows the erosion of wheather in some whimsical shapes. Also, the Horcones lagoon is a place not to be missed, because of its natural beauty, and the possibility to practice trekking and rock climbing.

The Telteca forest is an unexpected oasis in the middle of the middle of the desert that surprises because of its biodiversity. This is one of the jewels that Mendoza has for mankind.

A special mention must be made about the southern part of the province. Pincheira Castle is a rock formation. It is the ideal scenario for photography, bird watching and camping. You can ride a horse to tour the area, or bike across it. If you love trekking this is the place for you. Llancanelo is also another great natural scenario for bird watching. Different species live in this area: flamengos, herons and blck-necked swans.

Near Llancanelo, the Cave of Witches awaits to be discovered with their amazing caverns. With their whimsical woven of stalactites and stalagmites, it is a fascinating experience, impossible to forget. Payunia marks the end of the desert, with herds of guanacos dominating the scene. After this, it’s no wonder that anyone who visits Mendoza will be completely dazzled by the incredible possibilities that ecotourism in Mendoza can offer. Take advantage of the many attractions that Mendoza has to offer, with its incredibe natural resources and picturesque cities with luxury hotels.