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.tags Liquid crystal Panel The stain can be divided into two types, one is sticky because of the cumulative stay in the air in the dust, one is the user inadvertently left fingerprints and oil. For

Digital Cameras , The LCD screen installed in two cases, one is LCD screen outside vendors also added layer of protection, such as a transparent hard plastic, etc., so that our fingers and dust and so will not actually come into contact with liquid crystal screen itself, we only pay attention to it that health is not enough; the second and most common is the LCD screen directly exposed, no external substance can easily direct access to the LCD screen shows time, we are cleaning and maintenance when the LCD screen , we must be careful.

First to note is that the LCD screen, apparently a solid black screen, in fact, manufacturers in this layer of the screen will add a layer of special

Coating . Consequently, we are clean, do not arbitrarily use any alkaline cleaning solution or chemical solution, the screen surface.

A misunderstanding with a soft cloth (eyeglasses cloth) or
Tissue To wipe the LCD screen
Do not use paper towels to wipe glasses cloth and LCD screen, this is very easy to scratch, “squeamish” LCD screen. For dust, we can first use the inflatable means to blow the remaining dust particles can use the special LCD cleaning cloth gently wipe the LCD panel. In general, such as fingerprints and oil is not as easy to remove the former but if you use a dedicated LCD cleaning cloth, which is also very easy to solve, because the dedicated use of a special LCD cleaning cloth

Fiber With high-grade than glasses cleaning cloth to be better and more effective, but also soft and will not scratch the screen, and also offers static dissipation function, to prevent further absorption of dust. Here Again: General cloth and paper towels are super killer LCD screen!

Misunderstanding II LCD screen clean with water.
Use of water, the liquid could easily penetrate the internal LCD screen or digital camera, this device is likely to cause a short circuit, which burn expensive digital cameras. Moreover, the fingerprints and oil, water is incapable of more cases, the more friction the more flowers.

Mistakes 3, with alcohol and other chemical
Solvent Clean LCD screen. In general, alcohol is a common organic solvents, can dissolve a number is not easy to wipe away the dirt, if occasionally be used to clean digital camera case, perhaps no adverse effects. You must not use alcohol to clean the LCD screen, once the use of alcohol wipes

Monitor Screen, it will dissolve this layer of special coating, will adversely affect the display.
More undesirable chemical solvents, chemical Preparation On the “arrogance” of the LCD screen is simply devastating. If your screen does not carefully coated with a

Juice , Saliva or Coffee
And so difficult to remove stains, do not use chemical agents plus tissue or cloth like glasses to wipe, because it is very easy to erase the stain of the same time also makes LCD scrapped; you can add appropriate amount of liquid without special cleaning cloth plasma spray water (or liquid special cleaning fluid), then gently wipe, you can not only make the stain without a trace and will not scratch your LCD screen has.