Opticians Visualize a Brighter Future with Email Marketing Software


Many opticians are visualizing a brighter future with email marketing software. This incredible marketing tool allows opticians to give their customers the personal care they crave while freeing up staff members to help clients in the office rather than spending hours on the computer. With automatic email reminders, customizable email newsletters, and email announcements, email marketing software creates a high return on investment while maintaining the personal touch that opticians rely on for life-long customers.

Most clients visit the optician once a year, if they remember. With email marketing software, you can create an email database that includes a wide variety of information so that automatic emails can be sent out without your staff going through case files and sending out reminder mailings. With email list management, you can not only keep track of when clients are due for an annual visit, but keep other important data updated, including what type of eye problems or conditions your clients would like information on, plus details on their children who are also your patients, and more. By including this data, the email marketing software can detect which emails would be pertinent to which clients and then sort through your list in a matter of seconds, sending out informational email blasts only to those most interested in the information.

Another fantastic aspect of email marketing software is the easy-to-use email newsletter templates. With a wide variety of templates already set up, it only takes a matter of minutes to customize one to meet your specific needs. Then you add in detailed information regarding different services you offer, new developments in optometry, and seasonal advice. The email newsletters can then be instantly sent not only to your entire clientele but also to lists of prospective clients, reaching new target markets. Customers can than spread the word with just the click of a mouse and forward your newsletter on to family and friends, increasing your reach without increasing your expenses.

During slow periods, send out email announcements with discounts on services. With email marketing software, you can send out to not only your own list but to other opt-in lists that are more likely to arrive in the ‘in box’ and not the ‘spam folder’. An inexpensive way to increase your marketing reach, these email announcements are quick, easy, and have the potential to generate additional income without additional money spent each time you send an announcement.

Whether as a method to send out reminders for clients’ annual exams or as a complete marketing strategy, email marketing software is a tool that many opticians are clearly using to see a successful future ahead.