Online School Programs You Never Knew Existed


When you hear “online school” do you automatically think of business, accounting, and management? Most people do and are surprised to find out that lots of schools offer unique programs that lead to exciting careers. Here are some interesting programs you may not have realized were available online:

Certificate in Disaster Management
Benedictine University Online’s disaster management program prepares students to assist in the preparation, mitigation, response, and recovery stages of disasters of all types. This is an extremely rewarding career that can often be fast-paced and exciting.

Bachelor’s or Associate’s Degree in Homeland Security
Do you find yourself wishing you could be a real-life Jack Bauer? The homeland security program from Everest University Online can help you land that exciting career. The program covers terrorism, security programs, tactical communications, and criminal justice, and that’s just scratching the surface.

Bachelor’s Degree in Fire and Emergency Management
Lots of kids grow up wanting to become a firefighter. Why not enroll in this program with Kaplan University Online and make that childhood dream a reality? The program teaches students how to be first responders during emergencies like natural disasters and terrorist attacks.

Master of Divinity – Chaplaincy
Looking for a career that lets you serve people on a daily basis? This program from Liberty University Online helps students prepare to become military chaplains. Students will learn strategies, ministry skills, and all about theological issues.

Master’s Degree of Arts in Diplomacy
This program, offered by Norwich University Online, can help people in the business world learn to communicate more effectively on the international scene. Courses cover conflict management, international commerce, and even international terrorism.

Master’s Degree in Coaching Education
Sports enthusiasts can enroll in this program from Ohio University Online and learn to make a living coaching at a higher level. They will learn sports leadership, conditioning, performance, psychology of coaching, and so much more.

Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Graphic Arts
This program at Stevens-Henager College teachers students all about color, type, illustration, photography, and software so they can use their artistic talents to help communicate messages. This is an excellent choice for students who are artists at heart, but are looking for a career in the business world.

Bachelor’s Degree in Game Software Development
Do you spend all your free time in front of the TV or computer playing games? If you do, consider enrolling in this program from Westwood College and put your passion to good use. These classes prepare students to become an application developer, game software programmer, or software developer, among other unique jobs.

Bachelor’s Degree of Arts in Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Management
Do you wish you could spend every waking moment in your kitchen whipping up delicious dishes? This program from Le Cordon Bleu University helps students continue their culinary arts education in areas like marketing, culinary hospitality, organization psychology, and so much more.

Bachelor’s Degree in Healthcare Management
Rasmussen College offers this program that prepares students for a successful career in the healthcare industry. Courses cover healthcare planning, the U.S. healthcare system, policy management, and the politics behind healthcare policy.

This list is just small sample of what online school programs have to offer and the careers they can lead to. Experience the variety of online school programs for yourself at