Olympic Outdoor Market Near The Wonderful Work Out


With the Olympics approaching, outdoor sports and Olympic-related products, and gradually the hot up. Recently, the Shanghai source days for the first time introduced the “Olympic Israel” new sleeping bag T-3035/3037, with a stylish appearance, portable, excellent quality and affordable prices, sought after by customers, the market’s “pet” outdoor sports market, it is wonderful work.

In recent years, with the improvement of living standard, and the pursuit of healthy sports, outdoor sports continuous “heat up” as a representative of the new fashion trend, outdoor products also popular. Attractive appearance, fashion personality sleeping bags and other outdoor products, to become the first choice for sports enthusiasts. The source of Shanghai’s new sleeping bag T-3035/3037 day is one of the best. T-3035/3037 using Olympic style, the Olympic rings colors red, yellow, blue, green, black juxtaposition is made with a strong Olympic atmosphere, a collection of sports enthusiasts.

Users who frequently travel, portable sleeping bag is an important indicator. Source-day Olympic-style sleeping bag, T-3035 itself, only the weight of 1200g, filling weighs only 700g; and T-3037 product itself weighs only 1700g, fill weight, 1080G, the overall weight of ultra-light, ultra-portable notebook computer with a weight of about the same, shrink small, user-friendly portable, greatly reduced the burden on the consumers, for the light to create favorable conditions for travel.

The same time, taking into account the user’s body, on the sleeping bag’s length, width and have different requirements. In order to meet the different height and shape of the user requirements, source-day Olympic-style sleeping bag, T-3037, length 215CM, W 80CM, high-55CM, facilitate the user’s choice.

Most worth mentioning is that for outdoor sports enthusiasts, the invasion of moisture and cold air has been a headache. Source-day Olympic-style sleeping bag T-3035/3037 advanced technology and unique sleeping bag made of waterproof materials, polyester taffeta, after water repellent styles, with excellent water quality, even in the wild weather, heavy rain, not only to prevent moist air or invasion of cold air, can effectively prevent water infiltration. Same time facilitate the scrub, not only for the user to lift the worry, the application for the users convenience.

For campers, the sleeping bag is the bed. Source-day soccer sleeping bag, T-3037’s polyester taffeta lining material by the unique composition, like sleeping in the same bed, very soft and comfortable feel especially good, plus filler to polyester fibers, greatly enhanced the protection sleeping bag warm performance.

Structure with four days of Olympic-style sleeping bag, the source of T-3035 compared to the source structure Mummy day Olympic-style sleeping bag T-3037 in the insulation is superior. Top hats and can be contracted to cover their heads and prevent heat loss. This is cooler in temperature or insulation where travelers have special requirements of users, is a very good choice models. Meanwhile, the sleeping bag folder also installed a small pocket for small items to the user in full bloom provides a good place, fully reflects the design of human resources day and intimate care.

Day Olympic-style sleeping bag T-3035/3037 source was localized in the low-end market, affordable prices, high cost, for the growing outdoor market, adding a bright color, but also to provide a human nature, fashion, comfortable to enjoy the new.