Off the Beaten Path in Venezuela


Some parts of South America such as the Caribbean and Mexico to name a few, have seen their share of thousands upon thousands of tourists visiting on almost a daily basis. However, Venezuela, although now emerging towards the limelight of international tourism, is yet to see half the number of travelers that visit its neighboring countries. If you like to travel to gorgeous locales but do not want to deal with the hordes of tourists that usually go with them, then Venezuela is just perfect for you.

More likely than not, you will be flying straight to the country’s capital Caracas. Don?t be hasty with your judgment of the city. Although it is a tad disappointing at first look with its uninspiring concrete buildings and cramped spaces, there are some gems tucked in its corners that are certainly worth discovering.

A day or two in the area should be worth your time. Interesting destinations to visit in Caracas include the 16th century church of Iglesia de San Francisco. It is not only a striking piece of architecture but it is also noted for its historical significance. To complete your colonial experience of the capital, check out the quaint and charming Parque Los Caobos and its gorgeous fountain.

The park features large trees that are more than just ornamentation and are in fact a commemoration and a symbol of Venezuela’s independence.  Finally, there is the modern art museum of Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Caracas where you will find an impressive collection of the world’s renowned masters such as Picasso and Miro and a plethora of remarkable works from Venezuelan masters as well.

After your short stay at Caracas, it’s off to Isla Margarita. It is a world away from the frenzied atmosphere of Caracas. Having fun in the area is no effort at all. Whether you want night-long excitement at the casinos and bars, or an idyllic day at the beach, or an interesting visit at the island?s fishing villages, you will find something exciting to do in the area. The island?s cheery diversity makes it a favorite for tourists with varied interests.

Please make sure to visit the world famous Angel Falls at Parque Nacional Canaima. The national park is so huge it is almost equal to the land area of Belgium in size. Even more impressive is the stunning and imposing Angel Falls, considered to be the tallest falls in the world. Angel Falls stands 2,647 feet. If you can’t picture it –  just imagine twice the height of the Empire State Building!

This spectacular attraction is no easy feat to visit which makes catching a sight of it even more satisfying. If you have the cash to spare, you can arrange a helicopter ride to the area. But if you are the adventurous type, an even more exciting alternative is available – a half week trip onboard a 4×4. Do not get discouraged by the number of days it’ll take you to travel, there are plenty of stops along the way that will take you to other interesting destinations you don’t want to miss.