Of Chinese Golf Industry, Tourism And Development Status

.tags 2004, the world golf tourism to the Chinese as the most worthy of golf tourism to be developed countries. The development of golf in China has gone through more than 20 spring and autumn, with the lapse of time, the rapid development of China’s golf tourism golf accumulated a wealth of quality resources, but also lay a solid foundation. Today, China’s tourism industry is high noon, if given in the golf tourism market segments closely with the tourism space, which will certainly enhance the rapid development of both parties and industry provide huge business opportunities, the following article on our golf travel conditions problems and development are discussed.

One of our golf travel conditions

Our golf course with a perfect combination of natural tourism market is the development of golf tourism can be a good foundation. According to statistics, China currently has more than 200 golf courses, mainly in economic development? The tourist city, and the relative popularity of golf culture. Higher consumption levels in these cities, with suitable weather conditions to carry out golf, sea and air transport licenses?. In contrast to the stadium itself, with the green theme of sunlight and the health of golf courses, is a good leisure tourist attraction. And course design styles, the difficulty varies, golfers is a good challenge. This is our existence and development of golf tourism prerequisite.

Present, golf tourism is the main source of Korea, Japan, and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan visitors. First, because Korea and Japan’s own golf consumer is expensive, so the local golf market environment in short supply, forcing some tourists to China to carry the bag for play, as they fight a round-trip time and the cost of the ball hit the ground than a game, but also cheap. Second, because we golf consumer prices relatively low, all kinds of advantages will bring favorable conditions for golf tourism in China. Third, because the Pearl River Delta near Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, there are a number of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan compatriots in the mainland business, often shuttling between the two places, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan in the golf market with a high consumption level, so time permitting, they are more willing to Shenzhen, Zhuhai , Guangzhou and other places to play. If we can take the above factors, the development will bring our beautiful golf tourism business opportunities and conditions.

Second, the existence of golf tourism

Although golf tourism in China has good conditions for development and the environment, but in which there are many problems. First, the golf itself, entered the country after being defined as “noble sport” Public Of a difficult and long-term? To the target. Today, golf courses, it is considered a waste of land and water resources of the culprit. This led directly to the Government in 2004 “Promulgated moratorium on golf course construction> of the file. Coupled with the lack of cultural propaganda golf, golf has led to distortion of people, over many obstacles hinder the development of golf in China.

Secondly, the imperfect development of tourism has also hindered the development of golf tourism. Travel fees compare prices fuzzy, wide enough range of services, tourism, culture, quality and lead the group difference in the levels of expertise, making it difficult leap in China’s tourism industry. Some travel agents use cheap publicity to attract tourists, but tourists did not get proper services, management of the scenic attractions caused by the non-standard management and natural resources, cultural heritage of serious damage to the sustainable development of tourism is difficult, This greatly restricts the bright future of golf tourism.

Finally, the golf and tourism in the development of mutual integration have encountered many problems. Clubs and travel agencies are the main development of golf tourism, which directly led to a conflict of interest between the two sides difficult to work with. On the one hand the ball will have to increase the number of guests on the golf course to strengthen the lawn care dimension, but also to improve the ball club will own the facilities. On the other hand they also want to travel for golf tourism on the demand for professionals to increase the number of professional Train , Huge investments will increase over the operating costs of enterprises of both sides, the relative profitability would be reduced, thereby reducing the enthusiasm of cooperation, leading to the rapid development of golf tourism can not.

Three future development of golf tourism

View of the above questions, then the direction of the development of golf tourism, where? In fact, the legal documents associated with the promulgation of golf, golf course construction standards gradually move closer to the international level, while the Golf will be as popular culture of golf education, promotion of the progressive realization of the ball will be at the same time on the golf course surrounding the hotel, resorts, Real estate Supporting facilities to be improved, enhancing their appeal and? War power. Travel agencies should also focus on nurturing a pool of expertise and golf etiquette guides, to meet the guests on the “Golf Guide” double identity needs. Coincides with the current direction of scientific development of tourism to promote tourism, strengthen the protection of natural resources and take full advantage of resources in the health line, focused on the introduction and the preferences of consumers and consistent level of tourism products, which will effectively meet the development requirements of China Golf Tour . On this basis, the most important golf and tourism can be closely integrated, it will make a good golf travel towards the direction.