Odd Hollywood Couples


Hollywood stars have always been the centre of media and public attention. Especially, their personal lives make their fans curious. Many celebrity couples have been trying to shield their secrets from the public and do anything with great caution. However, some Hollywood couples do not care much about public criticism and have announced their highly publicized relationship despite big age gap.


Despite 15-year age difference, “Ghost” actress Demi Moore and “That ’70s Show” actor Ashton Kutcher still have a happy marriage which lasts 5 years. The couple met at a casual dinner in New York City and started dating in May 2003. Demi and Ashton made their wedding in Beverly Hills in 2005 at the age of 42 and 27 respectively. Later, she took his last name in 2009. The wedding is a traditional Kabbalah ceremony with the attendance of about 150 close friends and family of the couple.


In his writing in Harper’s Bazaar in an essay about fashion, Kutcher showed his living up to his words, opting for soft tone to accent his wife.


Tom Cruise began dating actress Katie Holmes in April 2005. They began their highly publicized relationship two months later. The actor proposed to her at the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Despite 17-year age gap, they married in 2006. Holmes gave birth to a baby girl at Saint John’s Health Center in Santa Monica seven months after their marriage.


Their marriage was celebrated at the 15th-century Odescalchi Castle in Bracciano, Italy.


Popular rap singer and actor Nick Cannon dated top-selling recording artist Mariah Carey within six weeks. Despite 12-year age difference, the couple secretly married in Bahamas. They revealed that they got married each year.


20-year old country singer Taylor Swift and 29-year old Jake Gyllenhaal went apple picking upstate. The couple shared a happy Halloween weekend in California.


Reality star Kim Kardashian and singer John Mayer were linked together in October this year. Since being seen hanging out in New York City recently, the couple has gone out together a few times.


Emma Stone, a close friend of country pop-singer Taylor Swift, and Kieran Culkin took their on-screen romance in Paper Man off-screen.


Singer Katy Perry first met comedian Russell Brand in the summer of 2008 when filming a cameo for Brand’s film Get Him to the Greek. They began dating one year later. Despite 10-year age difference, Katy Perry and Russell Brand tied the knot in a lavish four-day celebration in India in October 2010.


The couple was married in a traditional Hindu ceremony.


Calista Flockhart became engaged to Harrison Ford in March 2009. Despite a 22-yearage difference, they got married in Santa Fe, New Mexico in June 2010.


Kristen Bell and Dax Sehphard announced their engagement in January 2010.


Despite 21-year age difference, rapper Ice-T and the Playboy model Coco Austin were married in 2005.


Despite 22-year age difference, Woody Allen, now 74, and Soon Yi Previn tied the knot in 1997.




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