Obtain Leverage For Your Affiliate Business by Re-Purposing Your Content


According to Wikipedia, leverage is “A force compounded by means of a lever rotating around a pivot” and “By extension, any influence which is compounded or used to gain an advantage.”

Most of us were probably first introduced to the principle of leverage as we explored the wonders of the Teeter-Totter in our local school yard or at the nearest recreational area. In the beginning, we played only with same age – and weight class – children, and we were entirely content with the lever and the fulcrum being locked in fixed positions relative to one another.

However, as we grew and started playing on the teeter-totter with older and heavier kids – we quickly learned that by changing the location of the weight (thus effectively adjusting the length of the lever relative to the pivot point), we could easily lift children who weighed a lot more than we did.

By re-purposing content we are effectively changing the length of the figurative “lever” and the location of the figurative “pivot point”.

When we simply re-use content, we pursue essentially the same market segment and use essentially the same tools and media to reach them.

However, when we re-purpose the content, we switch our focus to a different use, normally for a slightly different market segment, and we may also alter the media as well.

For example, a lot of online marketing businesses occasionally conduct live events; e.g., workshops, seminars, training classes, etc.

Best practice suggests that we plan (from the beginning) to re-purpose such valuable content and extend it to a larger audience. In the example of the workshop, seminar, training class, etc., it would be to our advantage to audiotape and/or videotape the event for subsequent distribution via audio or video files, CDs, DVDs, etc.

Re-purposing adds another dimension to simply re-using existing content – it extends our marketing efforts into additional market niches, thus increasing the overall visibility of our products and services, and ultimately increasing the bottom line.