Obsidian Pi Xiu Bracelet


Product Name: Men’s Lucky Chinese Bead Shape Obsidian Pi Xiu Bracelet

Product Rating: 5 Stars

Pros: Highly Stylish, Attractive, Glossy, Wards off evil spirits, Brings Prosperity in life, Strengthens will power

Cons: None

Men’s lucky Chinese bead shape obsidian Pi Xiu bracelet is a stunning black-color bracelet that is considered to be your lucky charm and prevents you from misfortune and evil spirits. This lucky charm is available online on DinoDirect. There is vast range of this bracelet available in black and yellow.

Made up of semi-precious stone and yellow tiger stone, this men’s lucky Chinese bead shape obsidian pi Xiu bracelet features an imaginary animal known as Pi Xiu. It is Chinese mythological animal with the body of dog or lion and head of dragon. This lucky charm is very beneficial as it wards of bad spirits, enhance the wealth and keep the person healthy.

The bracelet is made up of black or yellow beads and present in this bracelet is one tiger eye bead. It is considered to be lucky to the owner because it features Chinese creature Pi Xiu. This bracelet is said to have special powers. Obsidian used in making beads of bracelet prevents evil spirits and bring health and wealth to its owner. The bracelet is perfect gift for your dear ones whom you love and care.

There are many lucky charms available in the market that claim of warding off evil spirits and bringing good fortune but men’s lucky Chinese bead shape obsidian Pi Xiu bracelet is the best among them. As the bracelet is based on Chinese mythology it has some extra powers to protect you from any kind of danger. A strange animal Pi-Xiu is considered to be auspicious and people in China believe that it has mystical powers which attract wealth and therefore it comes flowing from all directions once you wear it.

Bracelet has the dimensions of 37*19*13mm/1.5*.7*.5. This bracelet is made up of black and yellow obsidian beads. The bracelet also has one yellow tiger eye bead. Pi Xiu is considered to be a symbol of wealth and good fortune this auspicious Chinese creature is featured in this bracelet. Since this hypothetical animal has appetite for gold and silver, it brings affluence.

When you wear this bracelet you will be relieved from any kind of tensions and any kind of emotional distress. Also, this bracelet prevents you from any kind of disease. One yellow tiger eye bead used in this bracelet also has its significance. It is considered to be auspicious and blesses the owner with healthy, wealthy and peaceful life full of mental satisfaction.

Made up of high quality Obsidian beads, this bracelet looks great and is strongly recommended for those who are passing through a lean face. Obsidian stone used in making up beads of the bracelet strongly protects the owner from any negative force and responsible for the development and bring affluence. Not only this, the bracelet also helps the owner to forget his tragic past. It is helpful in getting rid of personal problems. The wonderful bracelet will also improve your personality by strengthening your will power and building your self confidence.

So, get your luck right in your hand by getting men’s lucky Chinese bead shape obsidian Pi Xiu bracelet.