NSA Leaks Hacking Tools for Windows 10 to Hacker Groups. Oh no!

NSA Leaks Hacking Tools for Windows 10 to Hacker Groups. Oh no!

The National Security Agency (NSA) announced this week that several top secret hacking tools & scripts they had created to exploit unknown flaws in the Microsoft Windows operating systems for the purpose of surveillance & remote code execution were acquired during a hack by the hacker group Shadow Brokers which they freely distributed to the public. This raises a lot of questions about why the NSA didn’t report the exploits to Microsoft and how Microsoft knew about the exploits before it was publicly known and I answer these questions and much more in this video. The views expressed in this video are my own and nobody else’s and information sighted was from public sources or publicly known on Reddit, various news outlets, etc.

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▼ Question & Answer ▼
Q) Why didn’t you provide links to the hacking tools?
A) Even though the exploits are patched it doesn’t mean everyone has the patches and I don’t want to enable script kiddies to go on an angry rampage.

Q) Can you link the Microsoft Windows source code?
A) No, you need to learn how to use the Dark Web and Usenet if you want to go poking around. I for one have no interest in the source code any longer now that I don’t work at Microsoft and only know it’s out there because of links anonymous people have sent me (don’t ask, I won’t share them).

Q) Why does the petition need an address? Isn’t that spying also?
A) The petition needs an address to verify its your vote and your not just spamming fake votes. It’s required by all petitions to make them valid. This is hot the same as Microsoft taking your data without consent. Also, you can enter another address if you’re not comfortable giving your real one.