Northern Tuscany


Tuscany is renowned in every corner of the globe for its unquestionable tourist attractions, panoramas and enchanted territories. Thousands of tourists every year, in every season, come to Tuscany for many types of tourism, indeed Tuscany offers a wide variety of possibilities to suit any touristic preferences.

Its position in northern central Italy offers one of the best climates of the entire country: Tuscany is bound to the west by the Tyrrhenian sea and to the east by the Apennine mountains. Due to this the territory is very varied including exclusive or uncontaminated beaches, ski resorts, hills and everything in between.

With many kilometers of coast on the Tyrrhenian Sea tourists find their perfect beach, or decide to spend their holiday on the many islands of the Tuscan archipelago.

The most popular images of Tuscany depict central regions with the well know Tuscan countryside covered with smooth hills and isolated cypresses. This is the landscape in the areas surrounding the city of Siena and between Siena and Florence (the world famous Chianti area renowned for its wines).

Tuscany is separated by Emilia Romagna by the Apennine mountains, a mountain range that runs from north to south of the Italian peninsula.

The section of the Apennine mountain range in northern Tuscany, particularly in the province of Pistoia, has beautiful mountains which attract many tourists in every season due to the variety of sports that can be practiced in the area and for the peaceful zones offered by these mountains of the Apennines.

Lower mountains in northern Tuscany are characterized by small villages and are particularly indicated for summer tourism being rich of forests, trails, roads. Mountain bikers and hikers have plenty of excursions to choose from in Tuscany northern territories.

Nature is perfectly preserved and Tuscany mountains are rich of valleys, rivers and lakes: perfect if you’re going for a walk in the nature or just for some relax.

During winter ski is practiced in several resorts in northern Tuscany. The most important ski resort in Tuscany is Abetone which offers more than 50 km of slopes covered with perfectly groomed snow.

In case this isn’t enough to turn your interest for this area on, you’ll find a fusion of two of the most popular Italian cuisines: Tuscan and Emilian.