Norfolk’s Coastline Has a Special Hollywood Touch


The beaches of North Norfolk are among the finest in the United Kingdom.

The long, open stretches of sand, have been popular for decades with bathers, walkers and holidaymakers staying in North Norfolk hotels.

In addition horse riders have taken advantage of the expanse to exercise their equine charges and also naturalists find the area popular with the opportunity of focussing their binoculars on the amazing wildlife that can be seen from the Norfolk shoreline.

But even for people on their first weekend break Norfolk, the beaches of the area’s coastline may already have an element of familiarity to them.

This is because a number of stretches have made appearances in Hollywood films or popular TV series.

Stay in any of the hotels in North Norfolk and it won’t be long before someone points out an area that has appeared in a memorable film shot.

Perhaps the one that gets talked about most is a stretch of Holkham beach, which famously appeared in the closing sequence of Shakespeare in Love and had Gwyneth Paltrow strolling along its golden expanse.

But other beaches have also had their 15 minutes of fame. Some of the areas around Wells have been featured in the popular TV series Kingdom about a Norfolk solicitor working in a small market town. The programme starred the comedian Stephen Fry who is also from Norfolk and still lives in the area.

It’s not surprising that film-makers are attracted to this area because the landscape is so appealing and there is a number of Norfolk luxury hotels where leading members of the crew and cast can stay in style while the filming is taking place.

In addition, the area has a marvellous reputation for excellent restaurants with innovative menus making the most of the wonderful fresh produce that is grown right across the area and inevitably seafood is popular with the proximity to the coastline. Expect to see Cromer crab, local oysters and line-caught sea bass on the menus of many establishments right across the area. In addition, when in season, sampling the local seaweed – samphire – is a delicacy not to be missed.