Nokia 1661 Vs Nokia 1208 : Keeping Budget In Mind


Market has lot to woo over making market in its own sector has been the priority of Nokia. This is also one of the major segment of market. The market strategy used in this segment has wide weight age over other strategies, phone companies are also very keen to slice there model position in the market itself. Nokia 1661 is created with these very objectives. The mobile is a budget mobile and is manufactured to fit in every one’s pocket. Nokia 1208 is also one of these mobile sets only having all the functions, but a sleeker set.

The display of Nokia 1661 is 1.8 inch. It is a resolution graphic TFT screen with a small resolution size of 128 x 160 pixels and is capable of 65 thousand colors. On the other hand Nokia 1208 has a 1.5 CSTN screen with a smaller resolution of 96 x 68 pixels but is capable of handling the same color ratio of 65 thousand. Both the set has a feature of handling themes wallpapers.

The memory of 1661 is still higher as much as double as 1208 where 1661 has 8 MB where as 1208 has only 4 MB of memory space. The 1661 can handle 500 entries in phone booklet where as 1208 can handle only 200. Other features of the phone lie with availability of FM in the 1661 model of Nokia where as 1208 lacks the FM feature. Though 1208 is much cheaper in comparison with the 1661 of Nokia it is more a sturdy and a hard set for people having the habit of dropping phones. But on the contrary both the sets offer prices that go in budget.

Nokia 1661 Pay As You Go deal makes it much easier on the pocket and hence it makes it more comfortable with leverage of using the best scheme. Nokia 1208 Pay As You Go plan also helps the customer in the similar way and hence the person using it is very satisfied on the budget front