No Fall Election-Canada


It turns out we won’t have a fall election after all. I’m glad. Four elections in five years is just a big waste of time and money. The Liberal Party has been trying to win an election for years and failed. The best they have been able to accomplish is a Conservative minority government. After losing the last election, again, Michael Grant Ignatieff decided he has what Canadians want. He decided he would make a much better Prime Minister and if elections were held, he would win.

After a summer of hearing his rants and raves and threats of forcing an election, he has finally ceded. Polls show that Canadians 1) Do not want an election again so soon. 2) Are very happy with PM Harper. And 3) Hate Mr. Ignatieff.

If the Liberals ever hope to get back in power, they need to find a leader the people can believe in. Ignatieff, and the previous contenders are not such leaders. Fortunately this was proven before another useless election proved again, Canadians are happy with PM Harper. You might think a minority vote doesn’t show much confidence in PM Harper, but what happened was that so many people were fed up with useless elections, they didn’t bother to vote. Splitting the votes of those who did.

PM Harper recently visited Mexico and the United States. The purpose of these visits was clouded by annalists and their points of view. It’s not clear if anything was accomplished. At the very least, he got a little holiday out of the deal. He was able to get away from Ignatieff and his constant torment. Even though there won’t be a fall election, Ignatieff is still on television every day. Campaigning like an election could still be right around the corner. I understand he is power hunger and will do anything to become Prime Minister, but sooner or later, he has to get it through his head: we don’t want him!