No Doubt Launch Comeback Without New Album


Yes you read it right. No Doubt are back but have no new material. Why? Gwen Stefani has been spending the years since the breakup…wait for it….eating! That is right. Gwen Stefani realized that it was procrastination that made her eat all the time instead of having a baby and writing new material. It has been eight years since their last studio album and many wonder if they have still got it. No Doubt have been busy though. Gwen Stefani has been working hard to get the meetings that need to be done and writing the new album.
Fans remember the breakup of the Ska-Pop group and were sad to hear that they would not be making another album. Since announcing the comeback tour of No Doubt, fans have been waiting to hear more about it. Since the breakup, Gwen Stefani has been married to Bush’s lead singer Galvin Rosdale and has a son together with him. The inspiration of the tour came to get, as Gwen says, “get the creative juices going”. Hopefully for the band they will be able to get the album up and running soon. Fans are excited for the upcoming tour of their old things. “A blast from the past” so to speak is what everyone is saying. It will be good to hear the favorite hits that made the band famous.
With the upcoming tour and the upcoming studio album, Gwen Stefani and crew have a lot on their plate. Writing songs is only going to be the beginning of it, but it is possible to write new material on the road. The band plans to tour in the next year so sadly fans are going to have to wait for that. However, there are always good things that come to those who wait. Fans are excited to what the Ska-Pop band will bring to the table. With Gwen Stefani leading the ship, it is possible you can expect great things to come.
With the much publicity, No Doubt are excited as well of the upcoming tour. As the band members have all agreed on, “It’s about time.” The eight year hiatus has taken its toll on the band members and many have said that it is going to take a little bit to get back into the swing of things. When all is said and done though, we can expect this band to rock as they did those eight years ago.