Nissan Lead Awarded As Europe’s “Car Of The Year”


The Nissan Leaf bested forty other vehicles and was named Europe’s 2011 Car of the Year. The car, in all of its slick design received the award from a jury of 57 automotive journalists who came from 23 different countries. Everyone was surprised and quickly noticed that this is the first time that the award has been given to an electric car especially to an affordable, mass-marketed electric car that is made available. The jury also acknowledged that the Nissan Leaf is a breakthrough for electric cars as noted jury president, Hakan Matson. It was also added that the Nissan Leaf is the first EV that can match the conventional cars in many aspects. The Nissan Leaf is the first electric model that comes from the nest of Nissan that has won the European Car of the Year 2011. The award that is won by the Japanese model underlines that the electric models are winning field both on the markets and the lies of the specialized juries. Dacia Duster was the only SUV that entered the COTY 2010 final and placed 7th. It was the last car of the final. The Nissan Leaf scored 257 points and managed to win the European Car of the Year 2011 after going through a tight competition with Alfa Rome Giulietta. This Italian model bagged the second place in the competition by garnering 248 points. Aside from the very tight finish, the third model to make it in the finals and ranked third was Opel Meriva that scored only four points short than Guilietta. The other models that made it in the finals were the Ford C-Max (224 points), Volvo S60/V60 that scored 145 points and Citroen C3/DS3 (175 points). Of course, Nissan was thrilled to receive the award. The company’s CEO Carlos Ghosn said that the company recognizes the pioneering zero-emission thus setting a competitive advantage to conventional cars in terms of safety, space, handling and performance. The EPA says that the Leaf has a range of 75 miles and gets the equivalent of 99 mpg. It has a list of price of $ 32, 780 but the federal EV tax credit that is worth $ 7, 500 that brings the price down to $ 25, 280. There are other states that offer additional incentives.