Nike Sasquatch Fairway Wood’ Review


Nike Sasquatch Fairway Wood features Monorail Sole Design which cuts through all types of lies. Weight has been added to the perimeter of the Power Bow to move the center of gravity back and offer a higher MOI. A new cryo steel face provides a larger and hotter sweet spot.


Three Adjustments

Unlike the regular bunker shot, where you take sand before you contact the ball, the idea of the sand-chip is to catch the ball cleanly, then take a bit of sand. To carry out this “ball-first” mandate, you need to make several adjustments to your normal chipping technique.

First, choose enough loft to clear the lip of the bunker. Select a club that will land the ball about two paces on the green, where it will run the rest of the way to the hole. That being said, don’t err by choosing too much loft—use the least amount of loft that will still carry the ball over the lip.

Next, raise your club on its toe to make the shaft more upright, like your putter. The advantage of the heel-up method is that it lessens the chance of your clubhead catching the sand. With the shaft more upright, you’ll have to stand closer to the ball with your eyes over the target line.

Third, turn in the clubface slightly until the top line of your club is perpendicular to the target line. This “toed-in” position squares the clubface to the target and discourages sidespin—the enemy of all chips.

The Technique

Play the ball opposite the back foot and with your hands forward so that the shaft points at your lead shoulder. This helps ensure a low, running shot that tracks like a putt.


The stroke is made with little wrist break and by keeping the majority of your weight on your front foot. The fixed wrists allow the butt end of your club and the clubface to move together back and then through the golf ball. The most common error is to drop down into the ball in an effort to lift it into the air. This destroys ball-first contact. Make sure you keep your spine angle intact until the ball is well on its way.

The chip from the sand requires a technique that needs to be practiced before you use it on the course. To accelerate your learning curve, draw a line in the sand in front of the ball (on the target side) to remind you to take sand only after contact with the ball is made.


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