Niche Research – Marketing Trends


What is niche research? What is a niche? In layman’s terms a niche is basically a specific well targeted area of interest. Niche research allows you to effectively choose a particular niche in which you can make money. The reason behind finding a particular niche is to help you identify a specific population to advertise to in which you will know are particularly interested in what you have to offer. This helps you not waste your time advertising to the general populace who might or might not be interested in what you have to offer. All your efforts in designing a blog or website and creation of content will be delegated to pique the interest of people in your particular niche. In the end your niche research will be saving you time and money.

The benefits of niche research is to find an area of interest or “niche market” that is currently in existence due to the demand of the people who’s needs are not being currently fulfilled by big businesses or general websites. Your goal will be to meet the demand of the people with the product or information that they want. The income potential will be solely based on how well you identify your particular niche and cater to their needs.

An easy example that you can relate to would be the car industry. You can cater to the needs of the masses by opening a car lot with random cars (used car sales men) or you can identify yourself with a particular brand such only selling BMW’s or Range Rover’s. Can you see how the used car sales men tactics are not quit as targeted and people usually just walk on to a lot if they don’t see what they want they walk off. Now someone who walks up to the BMW dealership usually knows exactly what they want and are more likely to buy the car. You will want to study your competition (if there is any) during your niche research to see what makes them stand out from the rest and then uniquely brand yourself in your niche.