Niche Finding in Internet Marketing


Finding the right niche is the key to success in Internet Marketing, but it is not just finding the right niche. You will also need to evaluate it fully to ensure that there are sufficient visitors of the buying type. Not only must your niche be attractive to you so that you have no problem marketing it. It must also be attractive to the visitor and the product you choose must fill one of their needs or wants.

A good place to start with niche research is to jot down a list of areas that you think are of interest to you and likely to many others too. Next evaluate how many people are really interested. Look for magazines on the topic (browse in your local newsagents or bookstore). Research on-line look for forums, and questions and answers on Yahoo and Google.

There are tools available on the web for checking what keywords to use one of the best is Google’s keyword tool, and their wonder wheel. Using these you can find all sorts of related topics and long tailed keywords linked to your initial niche idea. Then take your list of keywords and check the top sites in Google (top 10 or so) and see what they are selling . Chances are if there are a lot of magazines and forums on the niche you chose it could well be profitable.

Identifying the products for your niche should be based on what the people who read the magazines and forums are actually looking for. You are in the business of feeding the hungry! It needs to be what they want and not want you think they might want! There is a difference and failing to recognise this is the biggest cause of failure.

The essence of finding the right niche is research, research and more research if you do enough you may be able to avoid wasting your time building sites that will never sell.

So to recap find a niche that preferably you like, research to ensure that people are interested in it and also will buy the products you are going to sell on line. Ensure there is not too much competition, and find long tailed keywords related to your niche.These keywords need to be niche related  need to be being searched for and also affordable in Adwords. You will also be using them in Article Marketing to get highly ranked articles. That is why they need to be fairly low in competition terms.