Nicest photo shoots of the girl and elephants


Animal world is always considered to be the inspiration of art. For long, animals and people have been the target of photographers in general and of Kenvin Pinardy in particular. Kenvin Pinardy is a famous photographer with artful photo galaries. Taking photography is Kenvin’s great passion because he is the deep love with appearances of nature and people. There are variety of animals on planet; however, elephants are the much more beloved animals of Kenvin than any other. Let’s have a look at the most wonderful captures of the girl and elephants to discover the harmony between them.


The beautiful girl looks so elegant beside the elephant


Sweet dreams on the elephant’s back


The girl gets impressive with two sage giant elephants


Sky, ocean, elephant and female beauty create the perfect harmony


As in ferry tales


The little girl with the God beauty considers the elephant a sacret


The rare photo shoot on deserts. Sexy and wild!



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