New York Aquarium


This aquarium is located in Brooklyn. The aquarium contains more than eight thousand aquamarine animals. The more attractive part of this aquarium is its design, which allows the visitors to watch the animals swim in the large aquarium. The purpose aquarium is to educate the visitors about different aquamarine species and also to promote the message of preserving the ocean wildlife.


The first New York Aquarium was built in Battery Park, which was shut down in 1941on the suggestion of Robert Moses that the construction of tunnel from Lower Manhattan to Brooklyn will affect the Castle Clinton’s foundation. The animals were then moved to the Bronx Zee. The new aquarium was opened after the Second World War on June 6, 1957 in Coney Island.

The aquarium is located over an area of 14 acres. There are more than 350 species of animals kept in the aquarium. It also has a famous research center named, Osborn Laboratories of Marine Sciences (OLMS).

The Aquarium

New York Aquarium has many different types of ocean life for exhibition. At the entrance of the Aquarium, a map is given for the convenience of visitors to locate different sections easily.

Feedings and Demonstrations

Visitors can see the staff while feeding the marine animals, such as walruses, sharks and penguins. You can find feeding times posted in various location of the aquarium. Demonstration exhibition will allow the visitors to touch the skin of the shark.

Animal Enrichment

Special care is taken to improve the living conditions of the marine animals in the aquarium. This will enrich the visitors’ visit to the aquarium.

The Aquatheater

Aquarium has an Aquatheater as well. This Aquatheater was open in 1995. You can watch the dolphin performance in this theater. Dolphin will perform different tricks to amuse the visitors. You just need to show the admission ticket and they will allow you to enter the theater.

Explore the Shore

This is feature is popular among the children. In Explore the Shore, the visitors will have a hand on experience with the tidal waves. The touch pool is the place where you explore the shore. The timing of touch pool from Monday to Thursday is 11a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday the timing for touch pool is 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. On Friday and other holidays it remains close.

Sea Cliffs

Sea Cliffs is the place where you can watch the walruses, sea otter and fur seals. Watching these creatures in Sea Cliff is a great fun. The staff also tells you some facts about these creatures.

Roy and Silo

These are name given to two penguins in aquarium. These penguins are the most attractive feature of New York Aquarium.

The Deep Sea 3-D Simulator Ride

The aquarium offers a submarine ride called “Deep Sea 3-D Simulator Ride”. You need to buy a separate ticket to participate in the ride. This ride will take you to the bottom of ocean.


The best feature of the aquarium is that it has a variety of marine animals. Whales, sharks, penguins, sea otter, fur seals, walruses, jelly fish, Beluga whales and many different type of fish.