Network Marketing Business Model, Is Nothing Less Than The Following Three Modes

{flickr|100|campaign} 1, based on the use of existing e-commerce platform.
The so-called e-commerce platform based on the existing use is based on the existing Jingdong Mall, Dangdang, excellence, Taobao Mall and other brands conducted B2C Internet sales platform. The characteristics of the model is that these platforms are relatively stable user base, to provide for the sale of the brand got to flow assurance. Such as the current Li Ning,Nike Air Max 2009, seven wolves and other enterprises have been built in the mall Taobao own network and the network flagship store, the shop on the one hand to achieve a network of sales, on the other hand the network service brand building brand image.

2, build brand dedicated Internet sales site.
Build a network of exclusive sales of the brand site, is invested by the enterprises to establish their own brand of Internet marketing websites, publicity through the site, to achieve popularity and product sales to reach convergence. The model is characterized by the enterprise’s resources into higher, also need a full range of Internet marketing support, but once the platform is large enough influence will bring the brand continued to boost online sales. The model currently used brand PPG, such as where customers Eslite, Taiwanese brands are CTS sports apparel.

3, based on the C2C platform Shop Union.
“Union Shop” is sponsored by the Union organizers from the Organizer buyers Taobao Distribution Union, all Union business in accordance with the Union uniform sales price of the products of its agents. This mode is most characteristic of Web-based platform that enables the rapid expansion of product Distribution channels, quick start the market, while start-up costs low and controllable. Shop Union, the most influential financial trade mainly by the Jinjiang Wang Wang Cai Tong Trading Co., Ltd. initiated Shop Union, the Alliance’s a large shop, sales stability, has represented brands: Po Tat-side vulcanized Air Max 90 shoes, of school bags, the first step board, Crespo Coast, zero Male Fashion Casual Men ( and so on.

Purely on the business model, the above three models are possible, but whatever the model, the enterprise must be based on Nike Air Max 90 brand development and brand distribution strategy to maximize the use of online media sales and communications function to achieve the sustainable development of the brand The core business is the use of network point.