Nepalese women attacking British tourists at Annapurna region || Mr Nepal ||

Nepalese women attacking British tourists at Annapurna region || Mr Nepal ||

Actually that tourist asked for a cup of tea of cost Nepali Rupees 150 (i.e. $1.5) only. And during the payment she denied to pay the amount and started to bargain. Thenafter, she threatened Nepalese women with knife (as explained by Nepalese women in another video) and pushed her down. Nepalese women, despite of giving tea service, felt humiliated and she showed the bravery of being Nepali by defence. And she did was chasing that tourist too far.
Actually, tourist recorded video only after being chased and distracted the real truth by spreading video on youtube and selled video to Viral Hog.

Guys, Nepal is a country of peace and people are very kind.
Nepalese regard tourists as their god.
Despite of it, some tourist bitches are here to down the image of Nepal.
Be positive & think positive.
Nepalese aren’t mad to chase or disrespect their guest without amy reason.
History is here. British always wanted to colonize Nepal & may be it’s their new trick to spoil the image of Nepal by doing such activities, recording video & spreading the negativity about Nepal.

Give Respect and then only expect respect from others.❤

All the fault was of British Tourist.

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Lets Save Nepal from being insulted.


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Copy right claimed by Viral Hog.
Those British Bitches selled their video to ViralHog.

The only motive of uploading this video on our channel is to remove the misconception of people on Nepal.
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