Natural Growth of Expanding Niches


Finding your niche is one of the first things you have to do as an entrepreneur looking to start your business. What is it that your business will do? What demand will your business fill? This is your niche.

Choosing your niche is your first step, and it’s one of your most important one. If you choose a niche with too much competition, then it might take years for you to see profits.

If you choose a niche that doesn’t have any demand, you will also be looking at a tough road ahead. So choosing a niche is all about that sweet spot of just the right amount of high demand, with low competition.

It might seem like these niches that are in the ‘sweet spot’ are hard to come by, but you can’t be any further from the truth. These niches are everywhere and there are more popping up everyday. Because niches, supply and demand is always going up or down.

So meaning if a niche is growing, it will eventually hit that sweet spot. Your job is to find those niches and capitalized on them. For example a previous small niche that is now a huge niche are Laptops. Before it was only business people who had these expensive mobile computers.

But now there are more Laptop choices then desktops! Another example are the new net-books. They are ultra-portable laptops that is mainly only used to go online. This is a small niche now, but I have a feeling it’ll eventually grow into the ‘sweet spot’ if it hasn’t already.

Growth of demand are happening in every field. For example the last few years the talks of “Green Energy” and “Green Electronics” are picking up. That is an explosive niche that anyone can jump into and make profits off of.

Niches that are a staple, the weight loss, beauty, money, health, relationship niches can also evolve. For example the make money niche, have expanding sub-niches such as social media. “How to make money on MySpace”, “How to make money on Twitter” etc.

With diet products, new niches can pop up in forms of new diets, like the South Beach Diet, or the No-Carbs diet. Also trends in exercises, like Yoga, Pilates and Tae-Bo just to name a few. There will always be changing demand and shifting of consciousness.