Natural Environments in Andalusia Spain


Spain is a large European country that is divided into regions, because of administration factors. The country is rich in manmade and natural occurrences, which make it the world’s second most visited country by tourists. This means that tourism plays a very major role in the country’s economy and in the lives of the locals, who depend on tourism revenue.

Those who have had a chance to visit Spain will attest to the fact that this is one of the most beautiful places you could ever be in the world. Holidays and vacation here are very memorable and full of fun, enjoyable and relaxed. Besides the historic monuments and museums, Spain has beautiful beaches and natural environments, which are exquisitely beautiful with which you will be amazed.

Andalusia is one of the regions of Spain and just like any other; it has a variety of things to offer to its visitors. Among the most attractive things you will find here are the reserved natural territories that preserve the countryside’s ecological importance. Actually, Andalusia’s 1/5th area is protected and you have to obtain a permit to visit the areas or even camp there.

National Parks

The parks, found in this region, hold great importance for the locations geology and wildlife, and the ecosystems here are less tampered with by human activity. Actually, there are restricted areas that you cannot access within the parks.

Donana National Park is found in this region, as well as the Sierra Nevada National Park. They can be accessed by foot, bicycles or horses, although the trips are guided. You will see many wild animals and bird species, as well as volcanic mountains that are splendid.

Natural Parks

The parks also have Mediterranean woodlands, salt marshes, mountain forests, coastal dunes, semi desert steppe and beaches. They are unrestricted, although you are not allowed to disturb anything and sometimes you have to get special permission to access some areas. One example of such parks is the Sierra de Grazalema.

Natural reserves and areas

These natural grounds are mostly protected, because they contain unique landscapes and wildlife. The aim is to conserve the fragile ecosystems of the province maintaining their natural nature.

Natural monuments

Coastal features, distinctive formation of rocks and trees, that are very old, act as natural monuments here. This is quite impressive and retains historical values of the region, as well as Spain as a whole.