Nassau, Bahamas in a Day


The Bahamas gained full independence from the United Kingdom July 10, 1973. Nassau in a day combines activities from yesteryear under British colonial rule to recent Bahamian cultural additions. When in the Bahamas, you have to relax… Now, let’s get started with Nassau, Bahamas in a day…

Junkanoo Expo and Celebration

Visit the expo on a daily basis at Prince George Wharf (the cruise ship dock). If you are lucky enough to be in Nassau from December 26 to January 1, join in the Junkanoo celebration expressed in music, art and dance.

Ferry Boat Rides

Ferryboats travel from Nassau to Paradise Island on the Nassau Harbor daily. For three dollars per person one way, you can pass historic landmarks and celebrity homes.

Horse and Carriage Tours

For a relaxing and historical tour of Nassau, Bahamas in a day, participate in a horse and carriage tour located around downtown and at Prince George Wharf. The fare is about $ 10 per person for a 20-25 minute tour.

Jitney Around Nassau

‘Jitneys’ is a term from days of British colonialism. ‘Jitneys’ are 32-seat buses traveling around Nassau for around $ 1.25 each way and offer a great way to see the city sights. Air-conditioned buses have windows up…keep this in mind when boarding. Jitneys can help you turn “Nassau, Bahamas in a day” into more Nassau in less time.

St. Augustine’s Monastery

Who would think Nassau would have a monastery? Benedictine monks will be happy to guide you around the cloisters and gardens for a contribution.

The Versailles Gardens

Huntington Hartford II (A&P grocery chain heir) bought what is now Paradise Island in 1961 and built the Ocean Club, along with establishing the Versailles gardens. These gardens encompass grassy terraces and marble sculptures. The Ocean Club is very exclusive and you need to make prior arrangements in order to include this venue in your “Nassau, Bahamas in a day” itinerary.

Commonwealth Brewery

Just for the cost of making an appointment, you can tour Commonwealth Brewery. Indulge in a free sample of Kalik, the “unofficially official” beer of the Bahamas. Too many “samples” will turn your “Nassau, Bahamas for a day” into the night.

Arawak Cay Fish Fry

After a free sample of Kalik, why not an authentic native fish fry. A “fish fry” is the Bahamian version of a seafood festival.

If your “Nassau, Bahamas in a day” includes a Friday evening, a village just west of downtown Nassau…Arawak Cay…is the spot for authentic island cooking. You can expect to pay about $ 10 for a large serving of food and beverage.

Pirates of Nassau Museum

In the 17th and 18th centuries, the hidden water inlets of Nassau/Paradise Island were home to many pirates. Pirates turned “Nassau, Bahamas in a day” to Nassau for a lifetime. Nassau’s reputation for piracy motivated Spanish forces to level the city in 1695.

Today, the history of pirates in the Bahamas can be experienced at this museum. Expect to pay from $ 6 to $ 12 per person for admission.

Whew! Nassau, Bahamas in a day will leave you wanting to stay in this paradise another day.