Napoleon Hill And The Secret Of Overcoming Fear

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I hope you have been enjoying the reviews about Napoleon Hill and his studies on the success of the wealthy.
Though his book Think and Grow Rich has been an inspiration to thousands of people to become wealthy, he also has
helped many others to grow and develop their inner strength. He had an amazing insight that people most likely could not
use his information without first ridding themselves of indecision, doubt, and fearwhat he called enemies or
ghosts that grow and germinate and stand in the way of success. Because they are closely linked, he claims they
must be outwitted. He names six basic fears which often are the undoing of well-intended people on their way to
success because they are not aware they are being undermined by these enemies. These fear ghosts are:

-Fear of Poverty
-Fear of Criticism
-Fear of Ill Health
-Fear of The Loss of the Love of Someone
-Fear of Old Age
-Fear of Death

Do any of these ring familiar? Of course, they are part of every human being. He also itemizes the symptoms that people display when experiencing each different fear, which you can read about in his book.There are many other fears, but he says they are insignificant compared to these.
We know that fears are nothing more than states of mind. And remember what we learned earlier, that man can create nothing that was not conceived first in the form of an impulse or thought. Thats where we must first begin to deal with fearat first feeling a thought or impulse.In Napoleon Hills words, he cautions: fear paralyzes the faculty of reason, destroys the faculty of imagination, kills off self-reliance, undermines enthusiasm, and makes self-control an impossibility. So we dont want to give these fears a foothold.
To protect yourself from these fear enemies, Hill claims will-power is the most potent force. First of all one must recognize everyone is vulnerable to all six of these fears and they must be combated early in the process so they do not take hold. It is human nature to ignore what we dont like in ourselves and try to doubt the truth about our own lack of success, but a little humility and acceptance of self, (both frailties and strengths) is the
first step of making this change from fearful to confidence. This concludes our series of reviews on Napoeon Hills book Think and Grow Rich. Now go back and review all 13 steps and relinquish the fears that stand in your way. I wish you great happiness and success in whatever it is you decide to do with your life.