Myths and Misunderstandings About Herbal Detox Programs


Like all things online, the first thing you will come across is information overload. The next thing you’ll find are people complaining about all the problems they had with X or Y. In this article, I’d like to help set the record straight about some myths, misinformation, hype, half-truths and garbage that’s out there regarding herbal detox ideas. How can you trust that what you’ll read here or learn elsewhere are trustworthy?

The fact is, sometimes you just can’t. So, you will have to be the judge for yourself on how to detox your own body. However, since you have the power what information to read and what links to follow, the decisions you make are literally in your hands. Just know that since I’m not trying to push any products on you or sell you anything, you may be in a ‘spam free’ zone.

As you read and tap into some of the information here regarding your herbal detox plan, be open to the fact that you may find that some help from products, supplements, etc. can be useful. I don’t have one single brand to tell you that is ‘the best’. Many can be very helpful in assisting you achieve a state of more well being, cleansing and toxins being removed from your body.

These toxins that you will be removing come from a wide variety of places. Sprayed produce, polluted air and injected animals, these are just from things we eat and breathe. Don’t think that medicines or other drugs are any healthier for your body. You might need them, but your body must also detox itself from these substances. There is always a balance going on inside your body between detoxification and other health functions.

How do you follow and Herbal Detox plan is by far the most important question to find an answer for. Some myths regarding the ‘how to detox’ process happens. Some products claim to be from the bottom of the sea, come from purified urine, have microcrystalline detox molecules…blah blah blah. You’d be surprised at what is out there.

The point is, simply getting to the informational sites that have some value and teach you about eating organic produce, proper hydration and, yes, maybe have some information or advertisers selling specific products to support your natural detox can all be fine. Misinformation is rampant on the internet. Some claims you see for different supplements will have wildly exaggerated claims of hair growth or sexual performance with little real useful information to support the claims. Just a guarantee to be satisfied or your money back. Well, sometimes what you lose is more than simply a few bucks, it might adversely affect your health, too. Try getting them to pay for that!

Okay, so an herbal detox refers to the fact that you will be eating foods – mostly fruits and vegetables – that have been grown organically to help cleanse your colon and your body. Many of these practices using simple foods with some appropriate detox supplementation have been evidenced through any number of alternative, natural medicine practices or Chinese medicine shown to help you detox your body. Basically, the natural way to detox does not require any chelating agents or other pharmacological agents through an IV. A chelating agent is typically only necessary for acute heavy metal toxicity. Suppositories are also carried that have been shown to allow for heavy metal cleansing.

If you do decide to go the herbal detoxification route, your research is paramount. Herbal does not necessarily mean safe, so appropriate care should be taken to ensure a proper detox. Some herbs and other foods may interfere with specific medications you may be taking. Consult your health care practitioner for any contraindications. Often, a fast is part of an herbal detox plan. Make sure that you are drinking adequate water and that your plan is done within a limited time frame.