My Review of American Adventures and Foam Factory in Atlanta


Last week me and the family went to the American Adventures Family Fun park. The weather was real HOT. The parking lot was extremely full. Lots of people was taking advantage of the hot day by getting wet at the water park next door. Six Flags White Water seems to be a lot of fun also but it was much more pricey.

American Adventures is like a small carnival with slightly better rides. Their main idea is to attract smaller children that normally would not be able to ride the rides at their larger park, Six Flags.

Their short description from their website:

“Family Fun, Birthday Parties & Group Events! Welcome to American Adventures, a kid’s Birthday Party and Attraction paradise conveniently located just north of Atlanta. A day at American Adventure is packed with fun rides, but we also have special celebrations, family events, and seasonal festivities, just to make sure you get your fill of fun! Now Open Every Day! American Adventures is now open year round” Enjoy our rides and attractions throughout the entire year! We have also extended our hours. We can open any day or time for groups! Open Rain or Shine This year our 3 story Foam Factory and 70 arcade games are available for your enjoyment no matter the weather outside! So come inside for fun, food and games. You’ll have a blast!”

Play a game on one of our NEW billiards tables!

FREE PARKING AND FREE ADMISSION American Adventures no longer has an admission charge. You simply pay for the attractions you want.

Some of the rides were closed which was unfortunate, but this was probably due to the lack of employees working. I would notice that they would shutdown a ride and then later reopen it. What I love about it was the Lines was REAL Short. Most of times we just got on right after the ride was over. These rides are perfect for children ages 2 to 9 years old.


It’s basically a large indoor play area that you would see at ChuckECheese or McDonalds. Kids climb on ropes, nets, stairs, and throw small foam balls at people. It was ok but it seem that it would need a little fixing. Parts of it was either broken or just plain old.

How to Plan and some TIPS

It was my wife and I and our 2 1/2 year old child was going to the park. I spent roughly around $ 20 total for about 3 hours of entertainment. This is how I did it:

* Signup for the Coupon at their website to get $ 3 off and print it
* You can take water and snacks with you. Off course its much more expensive their
* The parking cost $ 10 but keep the receipt
* At the ticketing Purchase Unlimited for a Child and give them the Parking receipt and coupon
* You don’t need to purchase for adults with a paying child
* All this for less than $ 20. It’s a cheap outing for the family

Overall I give this place about a B. I had to travel about 30 miles to get there so It’s not like I’m ready to go back anytime. Check it out If you just happen to be around the area and need something to do.