Must Visit Smaller Museums of Florence – Every Traveler Should Cover These


Florence is an amazing historical city with many museums and much to absorb in terms of culture and history. Because of it’s magnificence, hundred thousand of tourists comes for a visit each month of the year, which will create some problems planning a deep tour in museums and other history places: it can be possible to spend hours waiting in queue to purchase tichets…

If you cannot wait around in the long queues to enter the two most famous museums, The Accademia and the Uffizi, there are still other jewels which are smaller but just as popular. There are amazing and beautiful artifacts to be seen at these smaller spots as well, never mind the crowd and the troubles to get into the larger ones. If you wish to enjoy your vacation at leisure, you will certainly want to try to see the sights these wonderful locations have to offer at your own pace.

The smaller museums in Florence are just as full of art and architecture as two of its most famous ones. Tourists can walk in here and do not have to pre-order tickets when planning their vacation. It is a good bargain with just as many classical and renaissance sculptures and art present here as there are in the bigger famous ones. The Museo Nazionale del Bargello is just as popular as the two big museums in Florence. The lines are shorter and it has many sculptures and works which have been moved from the Uffizi. There are works of Donatello and Michelangelo which will captivate the travelers. It is interesting for art lovers to see the transition of styles from late gothic to renaissance. It is an intimidating structure as it was a 13th century police and jail headquarters.

Another equally popular smaller museum is the one that houses the treasures of the Medici. One of Italy’s popular philanthropic families has given most of its collection for view at the Museo degli Argenti. With vases, clocks, jewelry and much more, the museum itself is an artifact. With impressive pieces in every room, it is a must see for travelers. Another impressive structure to visit is the Museo dell’Opera del Duomo. It is one of the less crowded and quieter places and the architecture of the Duomo has a very interesting history behind it. The museum has many impressive works including Michelangelo’s second Pieta which is a very intriguing piece that will have the traveler completely in awe.

Yet another popular museum is the Palatine and Appartamenti Monumentali. It has frescoed walls and ceilings with elaborate paintings and major art works by Titian, Raphael and Caravaggio among others. It is a site to behold and has been one of the best in the smaller museums for many travelers.

But if you won’t miss the most important museums, and you won’t spend hours in queues anyway, our suggestion is to book your museum tickets directly online: there are many websites today offering this smart service, and this solution may save a great amount of time that could be spent in a better way…